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Anatomy of a 6pk: TLP 6pk-05a

by on Apr.06, 2008, under Geek Out

In this video i demonstrate how I recorded TLP 6pk-05a.

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Psycho-Acoustic Connections & Popular Consciousness

by on Aug.18, 2007, under Articles, Geek Out

In a slight departure from the technology driven “Geek Outs”, today I will discuss the concepts of Psychological Imprints. There are two main methods of the psychological imprint, Situational Timing and Repetition. Both are very useful in making a lasting, (aka popular) song. Some things you can control, some things you can’t, but providing some guiding force may help your success.

One of the topics, that I bring up occasionally, is that of getting your songs in a multimedia platform, such as video and interactive media (video games). Some may downplay this, but really, it is probably the most effective way to implement the methods here. (continue reading…)

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Sneak Preview Episode #4

by on Jul.23, 2007, under Geek Out

tlp-supersneakpreviewep4.jpgOnce I learned about the “split” command in Audacity, I decided I didn’t need to break each segment into its own track. Now, I keep Leo and my tracks on their own, and will do something similar for interviews. Such convenience!

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Organize your Inbox

by on Jul.15, 2007, under Articles, Geek Out

To continue last weeks topic of using Google apps, I am going to touch on some important subjects of organization.

These tips do not only apply to show production, but for anyone who receives email, wants to organize your music collection, or wants to produce a podcast/internet show. Google apps are used, but whatever email client, or Office Suite you use will work as well.

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A Thank You to Google

by on Jul.08, 2007, under Articles, Geek Out

We at the TLP would like to thank Google for buying the internet.

Seriously, just search for the term “google buys“.

In brief, the Google Apps/Tool we use (for now) are:

  • Web Search
  • gMail
  • gTalk
  • Calendar
  • Documents & Spreadsheets
  • Maps
  • Analytics
  • Feedburner

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How we recorded Episode 1

by on Jul.01, 2007, under Articles, Geek Out

Making great content is a wonderful concept, but sometimes it is important to share how you make that content.

There is no magic bullet for every situation, but perhaps learning about how we are going about things will help you get started, and learn along with us. I am by no means, an expert, I am just an aggregate of knowledge. If you can help us out, by correcting errors or things you hear that could be tweaked, please Speak out! Send us a comment on an article, or use our contact form, or call in and leave us a voicemail.

One thing to know about our show is that we both are in different cities. This presents a challenge in recording because I have found that we are mostly limited to either telephone or VOIP-type technologies, which do not result in the greatest of qualities. The qualities I have found are basically 8khz, where CD’s tend to be 44.1khz or 48khz. Order of magnitude difference, and you can tell.

So to overcome this challenge, we decided to record our voices independently on each end of the call. That way we can record at high quality and later bring the tracks together.

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Super Sneak Preview #2

by on Jun.26, 2007, under Geek Out


One week to go until Episode 01 comes out. And so you know we aren’t slacking off, here is a special sneak peak at Episode 2.

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