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Atlas1029I proudly present The Leo Cain Bio, which just happens to be the second most interesting thing that you will read today. The first being the daily Crossword Sudoku, because being able to have people look over your shoulder and see you fill it out earns you massive amounts of street cred.

I mean, the fact doesn’t matter that you, yourself, have no clue what numbers to put in which boxes or a even know what bridge spans two lakes in some neither realm that you’ll never visit is irrelevant. Just fill out the puzzle randomly and impress your friends. It’s alright, I won’t tell anyone your secret that you don’t know Sudoku, if you promise not to tell my secret that I am a very angry goth industrialist bassist who started out playing acoustic rock music in an Irish bar about 8 years ago after an exhilarating run at being an entertainment editor for a college newspaper. Those poor computers didn’t stand a chance.

I mean, if that got out, my career in independent rock music would be ruined, unless you knew of a sports bar who wanted early 90’s alternative rock covers. Ahhh, the days of playing cover music next to an 80″ television showing Hockey or Basketball to preps and jocks eating chicken wings, I miss you less and less each month. But alas I digress….

All too often, I’m watching a national concert with a large local independent act opening thinking that the opening act is much better than the national. Hell, the middle act is better than the large headliner if you gave them the same light setup. Am I the only one that can see that? Why the fuck are there so many people here and none at the local shows? Someone needs to tell their story, and get their name out there. That’s where I plan to come in if only I can keep my temper from flaring.

I come to join the team of those that wish to Kill Your FM, come charged with a chainsaw bayonet on an apache machine gun. Why stop at FM, I’m here to take out Satellite as well!

David’s AvatarMultiple mediums converge to for the one we refer to as David.Experiences include The Printed Word, The Captured Spirit, and 4th Dimensional Representations.He is always willing to overload any unsuspecting stranger with more information they can handle for any given subject. Really, just ask around.

Be warned when venturing a discussion in the following subjects:

  • The Music Industry
  • The Recording Industry
  • Open Source Software (Linux, etc)
  • Legalese, Copyright, Copyleft, and Creative Commons
  • Control System design and theory
  • Science
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Evolutionary convolutions of systems

Creativity always builds on the past.
Fight the ones who try to destroy it.

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