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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On the Corruption of the Innocent

by on Aug.28, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

It is around this moment, this apparent moment, which I perch hunched over the keyboard wearing a black leather trench coat. In this moment, the keyboard transforms into what might as well be an organ. A gigantic organ complete with fiery torches based on the floor towering over the tops of the tall silver pipes. A steam rises from the tops of the silver pipes sucking in the mist from outside. These pipes take in the mist and return it to fog.

The desk becomes nothing more than a row of keys. With each keystroke, the beautiful hymns of destruction sound off in the distance.

The glowing flames have a black lit hue to them, and the ceilings emanate from their reflection. Crimson red wax melts ever so slowly onto the floor. Each click and tick of the board itself sounds a note in the scale of the Hungarian Minor. Am I preparing a fugue? In more ways than one, in more ways than one. Such is the incantation of protection from the pure and corruption of the innocent.

A voice starts to speak, “Come back to…,”
“What, the floor? There is great work to be done yet, and I am inspired to do it,” is the response that cuts off the first voice.

“I’ll be here when you…,”
“Yes, you will. You have no where else to go, and no way to get there.”

“Are you always this mean?”
“You are free to leave.”

“I have no where else to go.”
“And no way to get there. Yes, I know. I knew from the moment we met.”

Their voice starts to trail off in the distance as the expanse of the 13-foot long room grows to a thousand yards. Glancing back with a harsh glare, I can vaguely make out the thousand-yard stare, the one that does not hide the blank inner non-workings of the mind.

Usually people wear a mask to protect themselves, but like all masks they generally leave the eyes open to see. Sight works both ways as the predator and the prey have different ways of looking at items. As you look out, others look in.

The prey animal typically has eyes on either side of their head allowing for a wider range of sight. This is so the animal is constantly on the look out for things to run from, and places to hide in. The smaller prey animals are constantly watching out for danger.
They will shift their head about their surroundings constantly on the lookout.

The predator animal typically has eyes on the same side of their head, close together to work towards pinpointing a specific target and then striking at that target. When you focus, you squint your eyes further diminishing the field of vision towards your prey. The predator animals are constantly focusing intent and follow-through for the kill on one item.

When a predator squints, and shifts their eyes back and forth they are preparing to be danger. This shift lasts very briefly for they are about to make a choice. The wounded become easier targets for a trained predator allowing them to conserve energy. Know what to look for, and you know how to respond.

The blank empty human stare is a way of emulating a prey response from a wounded animal. They cannot run. Their eyes go wide, and their brain stops processing, and starts preparing to flee emotionally. It is almost as if the brain suffering from delirium decides to shut down instead of subjecting the individual to apparent danger. The brain will turn back on once the danger subsides. By then, it is usually far too late.

It looks like I have prepared two fugues this evening after all. Behind me, I hear the quiet sobbing of tears from a broken prey animal. Glancing back with a harsh glare I can clearly see fragments of the innocent chipping away. Preparations are almost complete as each keystroke the beautiful hymns of destruction sound off in the distance.


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