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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Pizza

by on Jun.26, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

A cloaked figure casually strolls down an abandoned alley loosely lit by the neon glow of an open sign while the fresh tomato basil aroma permeates the immediate area. On second though, is it a fresh tomato basil aroma or a stale tomato basil aroma? Perhaps several hours ago the aroma was fresh, but now it is stale.

That would explain how the aroma made its way this far from the shop. The alley is desolate, and the perfect place to emerge from the shadows into the mainstream just long enough to strike and dart back into hiding. Of all the things to twirl between his right fingers, a stick of chalk would be the least expected, but the most needed for tonight’s adventures. Checking his pocket, he did remember to bring his lighter as well. The other material components such as intoxicants, stimulants, and test subjects are just around the corner.

Pizza is on sale this time of night, before the hordes of weekend warriors run amuck until the wee hours of the dawn before retreating into a state of sullen regret. Pizza is on sale this time of night, because the only people about are those that will cater to the weekend warriors in less than 2 hours time. Pizza is on sale this time of night, because those people who cater to the weekend warrior have grown tired of Pizza, and do not covet it.

The sale is the only way to draw them inside to partake in warm sticky gooey bread. If the price is low enough, perhaps the store will see a demand. Pizza is only on sale this time of night, because no one wants to eat Pizza. The ironic tale of supply and demand told in such a cruel fashion on a night such as this. How sad is the world when one does not covet Pizza? Pizza might be called the world’s most perfect food to those that are aware of the impact Pizza has on group dynamics. It is all in the tells, all in the tells.

The open-faced sandwich, meant for your traveling party to share, topped with a mixture of the essential food groups combine your clique into one common unit. Tear from the central pot of nutrients and share your tales of bravery and woe. Tear from the edges in unison and enjoy the company of your comrades. Fold and stuff it quickly into your mouth if you do not want to enjoy it, or take small precious bites to savor the moment.

There is so much to learn about a group of people by simply watching them eat communal food. You can see who the Alphas are, as they take first, fold in half, and then sit back boasting. You can see who the pleasers are as they take last, and also fold in half to be able to sit back and make sure everyone else’s needs are met. You can see who the outsiders are as they wearily take with a lack of confidence, and will follow the movements of the Alpha not folding to keep themselves occupied with eating. Those just under the Alphas, the lieutenants, will take before the outsiders and they will not fold out of defiance. This all happens without anyone realizing it. Given enough time these lieutenants will stand up to the Alpha, just give it time.

Watch carefully next time, and see how the Alpha, or lieutenants treats his significant other in this case. Does he take her for granted? If so, he will take for himself and let her, fend for herself. He does not care about her needs, and she is miserable for it. Does the lieutenant take before the Alpha’s significant other? If so you can be sure that the Alpha not only takes her for granted, but also does not even want her present. Does the Alpha mock the lieutenant for being kind to his significant other? How does the lieutenant respond? That response will show you his true level of defiance.

This group as described is the easiest to cripple. Simply start by talking to the one who takes last, and then pull away with those that lack confidence. Odds are they lack confidence and stick around because they are interested in the Alpha or the Alpha’s significant other. Give them something else to chase and a better chance for success. They will be yours to command. You merely present them with an out.

At least one dozen, possibly more, weekend warriors will fight ferociously against their own inner demons and lose. These fallen warriors will lose more than their tomorrow, but their dignity and their will to carry forward retreating into the inner recesses of their habitual droning. The harder one fights against one self the more one will end up losing when they fall. Run from yourself and smash into your own wall you spent years building. It exists to trap you inside more so than to keep others out.

A slight drizzle causes the droplets of water to bounce off his cap as he pushes hit hat back onto his head using his left hand. The water stings ever so slightly. The water makes its way inside the bandage touching the last of the open wounds from punching the mirror so many weeks ago. Glancing down at his pocket watch, I notice the time on the LCD screen says 19:47. Time to set up camp where despair meets regret and go on a recruiting mission. I think I might be in the mood to pretend to eat Pizza later this evening.


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