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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Weaving Decimation

by on Jun.19, 2008, under Articles

Yes, this piece is the decimate.

The place where one starts to fear me by the scars I bear on the inside. The place where one stares straight into the abyss. The abyss comes to cradle you. It will rock you gently into oblivion. The place where those scars run so deep that they bear marks on the surface as well. The surface of the wall. These scars of torment, and the absolution comes with unabated wrath towards the only animal on this planet worth despising…. humans. Those that are “green” already know that the planet is better off without humans.

They hold themselves in such high regard, when they are nothing more than shallow yet hollow husks. The larger the ego the less depth they possess. The best defence is a good offence, and nothing offends more than a mirthful tongue. Clever wit becomes a shield, and Sarcasm becomes a tool to use on those who lack confidence. Continue to twinge in discomfort and read on while gently rubbing the back of your neck. Good. Though, your eyes are wide, and you cannot turn away as these words cascade strewn across the page. That tense stress pressing on your neck now is causing you to have a slight pain. Do you lack strength of will? Sharp the pain is, perhaps sitting up in your chair will help? Is the color draining from your face? Can your feet touch the floor at this height?

That pain stretches down from your neck into your shoulder. Good. Perhaps you should stop rubbing your neck, and start rubbing your shoulder instead. Alas, that will do you no good as your foot starts to tingle from a lack of blood flow. Good. You probably have never felt more uncomfortable than right now reading this passage. Good. Get used to this feeling, this feeling will help build your psyche. Now think of at least two instances in the past week that you regret. Why do you regret them? Did you belittle yourself in the process? The internal pain will take your mind of the physical pain you now feel. Good. Focus on that internal pain, always focus on the internal pain and not the physical pain.

I am not projecting, just stating a fact, a fact that comes with years of study, observation, and conclusion. Such is the tool of a necromancer, a mirthful tongue. I promised you blight and decay. I will be your salvation through the components of these spells. Why do you keep reading? You like the torment. I already know. I have always known.

Do you doubt your pathetic existence yet? Can you walk in the dark, or do you continue to allow the light to blind you. The human eye can adjust and see in the dark. It cannot see in sharp light. The end result of starting into the light long enough is blindness. How long have you been blind? The darkness will envelop you in warmth if you give it a chance. Turn away. Come walk a bit with me in darkness, and then become your own guide. If you are truly gifted you will have death sight, and see this apparent world for what it really is.

A fact that is the truth, and so much a truth that you do not want to believe it so. Have I ever lied to you? Not today, not yesterday, and I am not going to start tomorrow. Nothing can ever truly be known or communicated though, and I fear already you have started to misunderstand me. Fear is the wrong word here, perhaps hope. Hope is a much better word, like maybe. Are you scratching your arm now? Maybe and hope go hand and hand. When one says maybe, the recipient garners hope. Do not carry forward with false hope. Stop scratching your arm, because your leg is starting to itch. You are not focusing internally enough. Maybe means no, and one should never have hope in the non-committed. They lack integrity, and you cannot trust anyone who lacks integrity. Organized codes of ethics lack integrity, and so do universal truths and normalcies. Attack their proponents too.

I do not lack integrity though. Even at the expense of day walkers despising me. Since one does one so moral fall into the category of the unethical? Who’s ethics are you trying to force upon me now? I will not bend and subdue myself to your slave morality where the weak are helped at the expense of the strong? When was there ever an outcry for balance in society? Keep them all medicated and numb to force balance.

The awakened imbued are so far and few between, and even they lack the insight of understanding. They have to lack insight and understanding because they too are human. Are we not just effects of our own causes? While a couple debates free will and fate the pragmatist knows that fate is nothing more than combined outcome of former experiences. The only free will is that one will become habitual in the long run. When does the droning start? What penance do I continue to pay to practice my dark craft? I stare across the room with demented eyes trying to pierce the walls of those around me.

Is that fear I now smell? Can I taste that fear too, it smells delicious? Do you feel a chilling tingling sensation all over your body? If so, then welcome to my world.


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