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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: Animate, Recreate, Decimate

by on Jun.12, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

I continue to hate this world with every ounce of my being, and will one day find a way to…. I guess that last statement actually lacks a solid conclusion. To try to induce a conclusion there is laudable if not down right laughable in the process. There goes my ego again, screaming to claim significance among the insignificant. What will I do? What could I do?

It is not as if I could simply trade this world for another physically or metaphysically.

Instead, I could sit and continue to gaze at the stars while anthropomorphically personifying some elaborate concept transcending levels of spirituality. There would be a great debate on cause and effect due to the mind grappling with reason and conscience. It is a virtuous internal debate on immorality and ethics.

I continue to drift on the raft now with my left hand, almost healed, lapping waves. The last port, albeit brief did nothing to satisfy my needs, wants, or desires. Perhaps I should concentrate more on assembling a party of skeletal warriors for the upcoming battle. The game of smoke and mirrors only requires one or two key lieutenants capable of preprogrammed thought when the dark battles the light. Animate, recreate, and decimate.

Just get caught up in the wake of my raft and you will see what I mean. My strongest passion lies within the kiss of death. I speak this phrase in an utterance with a glib sincerity, “Let’s just be friends.” Is that fear I now smell? Can I taste that fear too, it smells delicious?

There is still a sense of unease that a conflict brews close on the horizon. Conflict always brews on the horizon, because for one party to prove that they are right, another party must be proved wrong. The conflict strengthens their own resolve, because they themselves lack security in their ethics. The less secure they are with themselves the more likely they are to lash out at others. Does fighting back mean that one is also insecure in their beliefs? In this case fighting back is an attempt to earn the respect of onlookers who undoubtedly feel that they have choices in life. That ploy for respect is the animate.

The dictionary defines how to apply the process of applying anthropomorphism, but not in the reverse. This piece is the recreate.

Perhaps, the dictionary’s ego runs unchecked denying an animalistic nature to the common human. Common human? Any human would be more fitting. It is all in tells, all in tells. Here is an experiment played out in reverse anthropomorphism, where humans take on characteristics of rodents. Not just any rodent though. Let us use the simplest of rodents, the common inbred pet mouse.

These truths of our animalistic nature are all buried within tells that humans subtly do to each other. If you understand tells, you can start to see and predict how humans will interact with each other. Those days of mouse wrangling did me good on predicting how humans will forage for sales in bargain bins much as the mice hunted the fresh cup of food for the sunflower seeds. They fought for dominance on who was first to the food bowl. They were weary of outsiders, and only felt comfortable when their closest surroundings remained undisturbed. Confused on the “they” yet between man and mouse?

The mice, slept made bedding from cotton, and slept under paper much as humans also make their bed. If the mice did not have this bedding, the stress became palatable, and they act anxious. The mice would also have a pecking order in who received the most comfortable place in the nest, much like parents dictate where their young sleep in the house. A female mouse also is prone to eat her first litter. There is one area where humans and mice are different, or are they. People often hurt those closest to them. This piece is the decimate.


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