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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 14

by on May.21, 2008, under Articles, The Hunger


Envisioned by Dan.

Jason and Kristina both heard the door slam shut behind them, to Jason it sounded like finality, he knew the trap had sprung and he cursed himself for knowingly walking into it. All lights and sounds had extinguished the moment they had crossed the threshold but despite that Jason could sense that there were a fair amount of people in front of them. None of them made a sound, none of them moved a muscle.

Without thinking, without even knowing what he was doing, Jason cupped both of his hands together and blew into them, as he did he felt a kind of burning force leave his mouth and enter his hands. Whatever the force was became too much for him to handle so he opened his hands and pushed the force out and away, as he did, two separate balls of light flew from his outstretched hands, one landed on a bulb in a string of lights, the other landed on a lantern hanging from a tree, bringing both to life. From there a chain reaction ensued, from each source tiny balls of light sprang up and jumped to light another bulb or flame, hundreds of tiny lights flew through the air and before long the whole carnival was alive with brightness once again.

The crowd of undead standing before them scattered making weird, screeching, pig-like sounds, it seemed that they were just as surprised as Jason was at his trick he had just pulled. As they scattered, attempting to hide behind rides and food stands, only one stood his ground.

The body that had once belonged to a very sensitive young man named Larry Vannay was now almost unrecognizable. While Larry had been a respectable 6 foot 2 inches, he was now a little closer to 7 feet tall, his bones and muscles had also grown considerably leaving the former tenants skin ripped and mutilated. Ceraphin grinned at Jason with what had once been Larry’s mouth.

“Well, well, well, I wasn’t expecting any of those dip shit towns people to show up for at least another hour, but it seems our trap has netted us an even bigger prize! A wizard! Your soul will look wonderful in hell!!”

“Who are you? And where is Drussellia?” Jason asked. “I heard her laughing when I entered.”

For a second Jason saw a look of curious uncertainty cross Ceraphins face before it quickly reverted back to the grin. “Ah, but it must have been a trick of the mind, this little carnival of mine is designed to trick and confuse, I see it has worked quite well.”

Jason could tell Ceraphin was sizing him up and despite the grin, Jason could still detect a question in his unnatural eyes.

“Your not a demon, and your sure as hell not a god, so tell me human, how do you know of the queen? I have my doubts that you have met her, that always ends in a very horrible death. Are you by any chance one of her followers?”

“Yeah, something like that.” Jason responded “I heard her army’s were building and wanted to join.”

He had no idea what he was talking about but he also knew that whatever this thing was, it had no idea who he was. Also, he seemed not to have noticed Kristina standing in the shadows behind him, if only she could get that door back open they could get the fuck out of there. He could hear her quietly rattling the handle.

Ceraphins smile faltered and Jason saw the look of confusion come forward again. It was clear he couldn’t decide what to do with his visitor.

“You heard? But how did you hear? Nevermind! Her army will be made up completely of my hordes, I didn’t approve anything about humans fighting with us!”

Jason decided that as formidable as this being seemed, it wasn’t very smart, pretty soon it would revert to what it clearly knew best, destruction. And despite doing that light trick, he had no faith in any kind of defensive powers manifesting themselves anytime soon. All he could do was wait and hope Kristina got the door open in time.
“Come on,” he heard Kristina whisper “I’ve got it open.”

“Well then,” Jason said with as much of a smile as he could muster, “I guess I’ll be running along now, I must have heard the good news wrong.”

Ceraphins smile returned with more than just a small bit of malice and by this time all of his “soldiers” had regained their courage. With shovels, baseball bats and various other crude weapons raised they all crept out of their hiding places and shadows.

“Follower or not, you will in some shape or form join my army, what I don’t use now will be used again later when I return to hell.” Ceraphin screamed at Jason. And to his soldiers he yelled. “Don’t worry about his powers you cowardly motherfuckers, destroy him!!”

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