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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Recycling Humans

by on May.08, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

Humans are a renewable and consumable resource. Like maggots, if one mange to kill one off, there are thousands to take their place just as quick as the first one vanishes. This covers all humans, and not just bands or artists. Often times, they do not even wait for one to disappear before a flock of new ones pop up. Each one is just as consumable in the right session to serve a purpose.

That is the true definition of good vs. evil. Good is the ability for one person to serve a purpose to society as a whole. Evil is when one not only knows that good is the ability to serve a purpose, but one can craft that knowledge to serve one’s own purpose for selfish intent and motives. If the outcome of an evil action is good, does that make the action itself any less evil?

The cold unyielding engine that is any industry realizes the true power of evil and uses it constantly to feed on the youthful and the ambitious. Industry uses the following magical spells to serve its malignant hunger:

Tell them to aim high, and then place barriers in their way
Tell them they can be anything, and then limit their ability to get there
Tell them they are gifted, and hold them back because they lack experience
Create a small crisis that needs immediate attention to hide the big picture
Constantly give them hope, but never follow through with substance
Keep them busy, too busy to realize what is actually happening
Limit the information you distribute to them

How can any one industry be so evil? The answer is through numbers and separation. The further you distance yourself in an ivory tower from the impact of your actions the easier it is to make those actions.

It is simpler for a commander to push a button to drop a bomb on a small city than for a sniper to shoot one person.
It is simpler for a sniper to shoot one person than for an infantryman to engage someone in hand to hand combat.
It is simpler for an infantryman to engage someone in hand-to-hand combat, than for an industrial spy to befriend and steal secrets for their agency.

The further the degree of separation the easier it is for a person to commit acts of evil. People are numbers, and not named individuals. They do not take the time to get to know a person on a personal level, but rather just know a person based on their skill set, knowledge, and ability to perform a task. If that one person is no longer reliable, just replace them with someone more dependable.

The easier it is to communicate and travel, the easier it becomes to separate yourself from the underlings who do your bidding. The easier it also becomes to find those willing to serve. Once you live your life to serve, you will spend your life serving instead of enjoying it. You will get caught up in the system, its games, and its draining nature. Are you quick to snap at solicitors that call you on the phone? Are you just as quick to snap at solicitors that walk up to you on the street? Are you just as quick to snap at your so called friends you surround yourself with?

Serving will leave you empty, hollow, and lonely having wasted your best years following someone else’s evil intent. Life is a journey, one that ends in a cold lonely death, and how fast you want to get there is your decision. Once you are gone, there will be a sea of others to take your place.


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