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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 13

by on May.07, 2008, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

“I hear music” Kristina said, “do you hear it? It sounds like carnival music.”

They were nearing the town that the demon people (for lack of a better word Jason thought) were marching toward, the two lane road they now walked on was littered with shoes and clothes that apparently weren’t needed anymore.

Jason, matter of fact, had heard the music. To him it also sounded like the mishmash of clanging, slightly discordant music that would normally be heard at a fair or carnival. He also noted that there was a decidedly somber tone to it, a tone that was completely at odds with the cheery music. Puppies with bad tempers and really big teeth came to mind.

“Yeah, I hear it, strange weather for a carnival, it cant be more than 30 degrees out.”

On the side of the road in front of them, surrounded by various dead flowers and road litter was a blue sign that read “Welcome to Spring Haven Virginia, Population 3,200”. About a hundred yards past that and over a hill Jason and Kristina could see bright lights and the top of a Ferris wheel. The wind blowing their way brought with it smells of popcorn and hotdogs and other carnival fare.

As they walked over the hill the town came into view, or at least it would have if there hadn’t been a carnival blocking the way, a carnival in it’s full glory. Glaring lights, spinning rides and row after row games of chance. Also, it seemed to Jason that all 3,200 of Spring Haven’s citizens had shown up for the fun, the place was packed with adults, children and teenagers all smiling and ignorant, as Jason assumed, to their imminent deaths.

“Should we go in?” Asked Kristina “This seems like a trap but there’s no way those dead fuckers could have set this up, they weren’t even an hour ahead of us.”

“On the other hand” replied Jason “what exactly in the last few hours has been anywhere near normal? I don’t think we have a choice, that small army came this way and we should at least try to warn these people that they’re in trouble.”

“Don’t you think, before we go charging into a possibly hostile situation, that we should at least figure out what these so called powers are that we have? I mean, come on Jason, just an hour ago you were nothing but a teenager and I was nothing but a nurse, what makes you think were ready for this? What makes you think were SUPPOSED to do this? All I heard was that were supposed to find some Talisman.”

“True,” Jason replied “Minerva never said anything about saving people, but the thing is we have no idea where or even what this talisman is supposed to be, we need answers and this is as good a place to start.”

“Ok,” Kristina agreed hesitantly “let’s go.”

At the entrance to the carnival there stood a very old man wearing an equally ancient suit accompanied by a huge stove pipe hat. He certainly didn’t look like one of the undead, the smile behind the long white beard matched the sounds of glee emanating from behind the canvas wall separating the inside of the carnival from the outside.

“How much is admission?” Jason asked the old man, his unease lessening a bit at the mans seemingly innocent appearance.

“Tonight, admission is free to everyone! Be sure to try all of our rides and especially our “World of Horrors House!” Replied the man with a sweep of his hand toward the doorway.

Despite the old geezers apparent glee, Jason felt a chill creep up his spine. However, he had no thoughts of turning back. Through the doorway both him and Kristina could see little kids running around and young couples browsing from booth to booth. They could see and hear carnival workers shouting for attention to be drawn to their various games. They could almost taste the popcorn and cotton candy.

Jason happened to look up just as he was putting a leg over the threshold and there, previously hidden by balloons, was a sign that read “QUEEN DRUSSELIA WELCOMES YOU TO THE CARNIVAL OF ROTTING SOULS!! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!”

Jason saw this and tried to hesitate, he tried to pull Kristina back with him, he tried to take back the step he had already taken. It was far too late, Jason’s foot made contact with the ground inside and the outside world went immediately away. Instantly the smells of the carnival were replaced by the reek of rotting flesh, the sounds of the carnival music was replaced by human screams and the laughing of the customers turned into an evil, familiar titter. Jason knew without looking up, Drusselia was in their presence.

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