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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Situational Dying

by on Apr.17, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

There is a certain truth in the fact that everyone will die, and his or her being will simply cease to exist. There is one additional truth to that axiom, which most people will fail to realize until they are on that deathbed. The truth is not only does an individual die, they die alone. Utterly alone, in pain, and in anguish if they are lucky. Unless they pass suddenly from pain and anguish built up over years of excess.

Movies glorify one on their deathbed, and gives a chance for the soon to be departed to call out for a long lost friend. They sit there in pain, suffering, and torment until that summoned individual appears to start to say some reaffirming statement of apology.

Right after the burden and weight of that apology leaves the lips of the sick; they pass with their hand firmly tucked into the hand of the one they apologized to. This exact point in time is where the hand slips down to the chest, and the camera pans up to the one who traveled from afar to be there. A tear gently rolls down the side of the cheek, and the camera fades just as life itself has faded from the character. This newfound epiphany sparks life into the one who traveled. They then seek out the next scene inspired taking with them a piece of the deceased if only in memory. Surely, it is magnanimous. Whom will you call when the bell tolls for thee?

This sensation is no more applicable to the real world than a situational romantic comedy. The one where a girl in a poorly treated relationship and guy very much down on his luck manage to break free with each other and move on from their current shackles. It will not be until they almost both lose each other, that they realize how much they are now deeply in love after so short of an amount of time passes. By the end of it all, the guy has rebounded with a better job, and the girl has rebounded with a better man.

While it is believable for the girl in a poorly treated relationship to long for and desire a chance to escape that relationship, they rarely do. Instead, they are enthralled with the comfort of the routine they developed with their significant other. As long as he does not completely ignore her, she will cherish that interaction until they reach an escape point.

That escape point is a drastic change in the life of the guy, and not the girl in the relationship. Such an occurrence is exactly what places a guy down on his luck to begin with. These events usually involve their day job and money. A real situational romantic comedy would start with a guy down on his luck losing a girl instead.

This guy would lose himself in himself, and the pity party created becomes an escape for the girl who is now being ignored. A guy that has stability and treats his significant other poorly, will still have his significant other at the end of the day. Humans are creatures of routine, and the comfort of sleeping next to someone is one of the most ingrained routines they have. It is also the hardest to break, because without the warmth of the body heat, there is only coldness. This routine is no different from looking into a cage full of mice during the day and peering into the nest.

The girl in this case would start down a self-destructive path commonly associated with rebounding. This rebounding is no different from cutting oneself and is a cry for help. No healthy relationship can start from a girl who is a cutter, and a guy that is trying to find himself. The two, if they got together would only find misery, and that misery would be short lived if that.

Usually a girl who is rebounding is attracted to a player that will give them the attention that they need in that moment. They will give them this attention string free, and leave them broken, cut open, and mentally bleeding. This is the screenplay for a real life situational romantic comedy.

Now I just have to sit here and think, in the future when I am on my deathbed, whom shall I toll the bell for to come to hear this tiny passage the warped twisted reality of how life plays out? Perhaps if these two scripted truths of death and relationship are actually falsehoods, how many other truths are nothing more than a pack of lies? The voice from the reflection in the shattered mirror is almost comforting at this point.


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