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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 12

by on Mar.26, 2008, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

In the distance, about a mile north of the field that they were standing in, Jason and Kristina saw the lights of a small city illuminating the skyline. It added to the eerie effect of everything around being cast in the shade of red that the moon was currently putting off.

“Let’s head in that direction, even if we don’t exactly know where we are we can sit somewhere and try and figure out what were going to do before the end of the world.” Jason said only half seriously as he began walking.

Kristina matched her stride with his. “I think you should start taking this a little more serious.” She said, sounding a little annoyed.” I know that I am, I don’t like the thought of everything and everyone I know being gone. From how Minerva made it sound, Drusellia’s going to burn every soul on the planet before she’s satisfied.”

“That’s just it though,” replied Jason “Minerva didn’t really tell us shit! He did a lot of talking about how evil Drusellia is and how it’s our job to save everyone. First off, how the fuck are we supposed to do that exactly? I supposedly have powers that will fight off whatever those zombie like things were and then were supposed to find some fucking talisman of goodwill that will reverse everything. Are one of us supposed to just shit this thing out at the appropriate moment?”

Kristina rolled her eyes, she didn’t know Jason at all but she could tell a good rant when she saw one.

“Second of all,” Jason continued “how the hell are we supposed to know that my supposed father, Minerva is the good one and Drusellia is the bad? For all I know, it could be my dear old dad sending me those fucked up dreams and making it seem like Drusellias doing all the bad shit. And third and most important, as far as I can tell is, aside from the moon looking like it’s on the rag, how do we know anything is even wrong with the world right now? That city looks perfectly fine to me!”

Jason had been too busy yelling and looking at the city lights in the distance to notice that Kristina was no longer walking beside him. However when she didn’t respond to anything he said he turned to see that she was standing with her eyes closed and her body was shaking all over.

In her head all she could hear was a rising babble of demented tongues. She could also see them, hundreds of dead, demon possessed bodies marching toward the city in front of them, marching in a way that would lead them directly to where her and Jason stood.

“We need to hide, right now Jason, they are almost here!”

“Who’s almost here? Why do we need to hide?”

She said nothing but she grabbed his arm and pulled him toward a big pile of rocks that looked like they could provide the right amount of cover. He finally sensed her urgency and they began running just as they started hearing shouts and curses and the sound of pounding feet coming from the field they had just left.

When they reached the rocks and hid in the shadows of one of the larger one’s the first line of demon soldiers was pressing through the trees. They marched in formation and carried a wide assortment of weapons, some had guns, others had garden tools, Jason even noticed that one was carrying a severed arm over it’s shoulder as if it were it’s prized rifle. They were men, they were woman, they were children and they were all as dead as dead could be. Yet despite being dead, they moved and marched with determined looks on their bloated and gory faces.

“What are they doing? How did you know they were coming?” Jason whispered.

“I can hear them, I can hear their thought’s, mostly it’s just gibberish, I don’t think they have what we would consider minds or speech but I can understand them somehow. They are all happy that they’re going to have more blood, they’re also happy that when they reach that town they will be adding to their ranks. Apparently, when they kill, a ritual can be done that brings more of their demon brothers from hell to inhabit the dead. That’s all I can understand, the rest is just, well, it’s just gibberish.”

Jason could tell somehow that she wasn’t telling him everything but he decided to ignore it for now. As the last of the demon soldiers disappeared through more trees Jason made up his mind.

“If were quick, we can beat them to that town. It’s time to see what I can do with these so called powers.”

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