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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Tomorrow

by on Mar.13, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

Crepuscular rays glistened off the wooden thin pressboard coffee table. I have to laugh that the pale wood compliments the three or four beams that pierce through the windowsill, over the couch, and onto the table. The light shone against a lone green marble bishop left on the far left side of a brown and yellow marble medieval war chess set. Perhaps it is a sundial telling me that it is approximately 2:58?

Is that AM or PM though? I cannot tell. In fact, I cannot tell if it is day or night because the light shining through the window is either that of an adjacent street light or the sun itself.

They both look the same to me. The both bring pain upon trying to focus on anything that does not have the warm and peaceful purple hue of a black light bulb.

Perhaps that is why it has been 2:58 now for what seems like much longer than a minute? Time might not be moving as slow as I thought. When was the last time I saw the outside? When was the last time I slept? When was the last time I spoke to someone? I remember waking up, but I do not remember sleeping. However, I fully realize that I am trying to sleep now.

It has been a week since I started sleeping on the couch. Tomorrow, I will get a new bed; the answer to that and many other questions comes from the word tomorrow. Tomorrow will end the pain in my neck, and the lack of feeling in my arm. Perhaps tomorrow I will also remove the Katana from the wall and patch it will plaster. Perhaps tomorrow I will call to get my new credit cards sent to me. The list keeps growing, and I will check that list tomorrow to make sure I have it all on there. Everything I ever wanted will be on the tomorrow list and that leaves now open just in case.

Tomorrow is an interesting word. Literally tomorrow is the day following today, and a reference to some future time. Taken at face value tomorrow never comes, and is the ultimate tool for procrastination. Once tomorrow starts to be now, it becomes today leaving tomorrow open again.

Quite a simple concept since everything could be done tomorrow, leaving nothing to do for today except that which one already planned on. Spontaneity is for today, unless of course you could do it better tomorrow. Let us put it off for tomorrow and do it right, rather than do it today and do it poorly.

Tomorrow always seems brighter than today with more free time than today. If you spend your life, chasing tomorrow you will have spent your life chasing an ideal to no end. I just want to sleep and let it be tomorrow. I long for a world where tomorrow is today and today is yesterday. Yesterday was so long ago though.

With the last bit of my strength, I will end this madness of it being 2:58 and remove the bishop from the chessboard. Then I can sleep. Bring on tomorrow, I am done with today.


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