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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 11

by on Feb.20, 2008, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

“Jason, wake up.”

He was dreaming that he had wandered in his sleep and ended up in an open, deserted field under a deathly black, starless sky.

“Jason, you have to wake up, we’re back.” A voice was saying in the dark.
Back? Back from where? Back to where? In his dream, Jason looked in the direction of where the voice was coming from. Beside the field, about 50 feet from where he was stood a small forest of trees and thick, dark bushes. It was hard to see anything in the pitch black but he could make out a spot where the shadows seemed to be slightly darker.

Above him in the previously pitch black sky a sliver of moon appeared from behind a cloud and as it shone it’s light down it served to illuminate the shape in the woods. Drusellia, dressed in nothing but moonlight, stepped from the shadows with a disarming smile on her face. “Why do you look so defensive my love? I’m here for you to use me as you will, there’s no need for the violence in your eye’s.”

Jason, despite being helplessly aroused by her naked beauty, took an involuntary step backward. The last time he had seen this woman she had been holding two severed heads in her hands in a hand drawn poster. Although she didn’t have DEMISE tattooed on her forehead, she still had the same utter evil look about her. And no matter how inviting her body seemed to be, her eye’s were filled with passionless hatred.

“Lay with me Jason, fuck me till neither of us can move.” With those words she glided toward him on thin air, crossing the distance between them in a matter of seconds. Pressing her lips to his ears she continued in a whisper. “You can have me in any way you want, forget about the task that’s been wrongfully laid on your shoulders, your too young and far too human to ever defeat me. Just drop everything now, lay me on the ground and do whatever you please.”

He could stand no more, his lust for her far outweighed his revulsion and fear at the moment, in fact, nothing in the world mattered more than the warm, naked body pressed against him. With nothing else in his mind than satisfying his growing lust, he allowed Drusellia to lower him to the ground and on top of her, his lips locked on hers the whole way down. Her back on the ground and his hand cupped on a breast Jason entered her and felt…….something moving.

Curiously he opened his eyes and stared directly into the milky dead eyes of a corpse. The breast he was still clutching was now nothing but a mound of rotten and sticky skin. “Fuck!!” he screamed as he pulled out and saw maggots come writhing out of her vagina. As he scrambled to get up the Drusellia corpse wrapped her desiccated arms around him and held him to her.

With a waft of putrid breath the corpse snarled at him. “Why did you stop Jason, don’t you want to keep fucking me, you got my pussy all wet and writhing and now your going to tease me?” A smile, literally, split its way onto her face and Jason could see where worms had dug passages in her gums and tongue. “Wake up now Jason, you better wake the fuck up!”

“Jason, WAKE UP!” And with a scream caught in his throat he did just that. For a moment he thought he was still in the dream. He was laying on his back in the same empty field and under the same starless sky. But when he looked around he saw that Kristina was kneeling down beside him with a very alarmed look on her face.

“Fucking aye, that must have been one hell of a dream!” she stated, noticing the look of fear and revulsion in his eyes. “What was that about?”

“Shit, you don’t want to know.” he replied, too embarrassed to tell her. “Where are we and how long have I been out?”

“I’m not too sure, it’s too damn dark to see anything, and you haven’t been out long, I woke up only a minute or two ago and you were mumbling beside me.”

All was quiet around them, not even any night creatures could be heard stirring, even the wind seemed like it had decided to take the night off. Jason commented on this with a shiver.

“That’s nothing, look at the moon.” Kristina said.

Jason looked toward the night sky and found the formally bright orb. Instead of seeing the normal, shining luminescence he was used to he saw a blood red ball. It was as if the man in the moon had grown angry and was peering down on an earth where he cared to see nothing but death.

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