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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: Sharing the Rage

by on Feb.07, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

It all started with waking up angry. Not the typical kind of angry where you can just shrug it off, but the palatable type of rage the infests your very core being transcending your day into a series of attempts to climb out of the bowels of wrath. Usually around this time, being so angry makes me happy, and that nullifies the rage. Sadly, the feeling I enjoy most is counteracted by enjoying it, but that is the price you pay when you choose to only accept hate.

Around that time, the happiness attained from anger starts to anger me again. Numbness, and indifference soon follow. Today is not that day.

Where does one take this hatred? To work? To others? To themselves? Can one be allowed to enjoy rage? Can one be allowed to enjoy anything anymore? Does it need approval from others first? Does it need censoring second? Editing third?

Can one be allowed to share rage in a world where people seldom touch each other crying to others behind glass portals? In a world where casually brushing up to someone except when greeting or shaking hands invokes and awkward response? In a world where speech is replaced by text and text is replaced by abbreviations? This is a world where communication between individuals is in sound bytes, abbreviated, truncated, and screened for content.

Some dare say that I should have chalked it up to a bad dream. However, I remembered the dream, and upon reflection and analysis, there was nothing out of the ordinary to trigger it. Just woke up in a cold sweat clinging to a pair of Katana used to ward off home invasion. Just woke up angry, and it felt good.

Perhaps a series of writing about hate starts to take its toll on an individual, losing what few grasping straws of sanity wither away from what used to be a solid rope. Surely, I jest, but then again, perhaps I do not? I figure no one clicks on more and actually reads these pieces anyway. Why not go all out instead?

In conclusion, there is no greater joy than unabated rage, and someday I hope to share this feeling with the world. Perhaps one day, such as this one, when the feelings of hate are not nullified by feelings of joy that day will come. Sharing this hate will certainly lead to spreading pain and torment.

Until then, sit back and enjoy my sound bytes, which are abbreviated, truncated, and screened for content. Some day I hope they will say, “He seemed like such a nice boy, and we have no idea what went wrong.”

Leo Cain

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