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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On the Rubix Cube

by on Jan.31, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

Myopically society acts, and rarely questions those actions. Akin to a cruise control, efficiency increases and purpose decreases. If you honestly believe that you can make up for incompetence by doubling/tripling your efforts, you are gravely mistaken. But you look so good doing it though.

Some time ago, one wanted to travel 70 mph and make it from Miami to Jacksonville in 3 hours. Eight hours later, they were in Atlanta, and still headed north just because they were making good time. The end result is a lot of ground covered with no purpose.

Eventually the highway runs out somewhere in Maine, and you reflect thinking back that if you had only stopped in Jacksonville life would have been better. That feeling in the back of your mind that makes your head whirl and your stomach turn is called nostalgia. Nostalgia makes you want to go back in time and relive the moments of your past with the knowledge you have now in the future. What are you trying to change now this time around? Did you want to take I-40 to Memphis and end up in Flagstaff?

Without purpose, why are you traveling in the first place? Maybe you had a goal in mind some time long ago. Perhaps, you knew what you wanted. Perhaps, you had some vague idea on how to get there. The past motivator became the routines and habits of the future. While habits and routines help you pass the time by, it tends to lead to a hollow existence. Then again, most people would be happy if they could elevate their pathetic existence to the point of hollow.

Let us say you are typical in that you fall somewhere between hollow, empty, and pathetic. You probably use your religion to feel good about your place in the universe. You might even subscribe to a school of thought that preaches a better tomorrow once you get through those boarder gates between the United States and Canada where the pot is street legal and your children can become alcoholics at an earlier age. At least if they are passed out drunk there, they will not be bored getting pregnant here. These thoughts help you cope, and you then go about doing to take your mind off the inevitable by denying it or ignoring it.

Hate those that are different from you, because they already hate you. They hate you because your school of thought attacks what makes them feel good about themselves. Self-preservation kicks in, and fight or flight takes over. Most people will fight, since they have already backed themselves into a theological corner knowing not how to defend themselves and having no where to run and hide.

So sit there with your Rubix cube, and spin it away as you did 15 years ago. The only problem is you are no better at solving it now, as you were back then. Congratulations, your nostalgia has descended your hollow existence back to pathetic. We would like to welcome you to our world with open arms as you use our 6pk music as a background track to help you drone away your drive from the United State to Canada or California. After all, they both start with CA.

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