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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Destruction

by on Jan.24, 2008, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

Something about writing a weekly column on sharing hate, and spreading pain, leads me to think I should let out the “big guns.” You are dedicated in your weekly readings, and I should give you a reward for coming back week after week.

I will tell you in this article how to be truly mean spirited and hurtful to others. I will do so with no strings attached, just honestly, and bluntly. However, I should warn you, in order to be this devious and demented you have to be glib in your actions. You probably will not even have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your wrath either. Such is the price you pay to master the black art of destruction. One cannot enjoy this form of vengeance, because that joy would defeat the purpose. Are you will to pay the price to be this evil? Are you strong enough to master this skill without letting it consume you?

Love, joy, hate, pain, fellowship, sorrow, misery, companionship, and triumph all pale to the most painful emotional response you can give to others. That emotional response is even more painful to someone else when you do not even know you are giving it. If you want to truly hurt someone close to you, just become indifferent to their presence. The level of hurt depends on your level of sincerity.

Sadly, this is not a case of the appearance of indifferent emotion, but an actual and mental destruction of that individual in your own mind. Once you have destroyed their existence in your own mind, you will follow through with your actions in a public or private setting.

Through time, indifference will make your targets out to be filler characters in public settings. These are people who you can see week after week, but never register them as being there. You do not intend to talk with them, interact with them, and your mind blocks out the fact that they were there. Sure, the place was packed, but with who? You cannot recall. Were they there? You are not sure, since you were not looking for them.

This destruction tactic is most effective on people you have known for a while, or people whom you have had an intimate relationship. The more you had, the more they have to lose. Indifference, defined as the lack of interest or concern is a powerful weapon. People expect the comfort of a reaction whether positive or negative. Some people constantly seek out negative reactions, and some seek out positive ones. Any reaction at all means that they are receiving emotional response to feed from.

Indifference is also a very fast relationship killer, since people generally do not like being ignored. They seek interaction, and once you become indifferent to them, they will start to tear themselves apart mentally to figure out what is wrong. Then they will start to tear themselves apart mentally to figure out what went wrong. The closer you were with the individual the more hurtful this mental breakdown becomes. Then they will start to lash out with jealousy, and other fiery emotions. During this phase, you do not care. Actually, during any phase, you do not care.

I would continue this piece, but I too, just stopped caring. I will ask this question for comment though: Think about a time someone you were close with stopped talking/calling/writing, and let us know how that made you feel.

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