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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 10

by on Jan.23, 2008, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

All around them the cabin was shaking furiously as if a giants hand were shaking it. Minerva, Jason, Kristina and the now fully awake and aware cat were holding on to the furniture as all around them pictures and lamps and various other fixtures fell off walls and tables and counter tops.

“She isn’t here yet, otherwise she would be trying to blow in the door.” Minerva shouted over the noise of falling objects. “Listen to me carefully, when she does come in you must escape, the future of the human race counts on that!”

“I thought there was nothing we could do about it?!” Jason shouted back

“There isn’t, for now the world is fucked, as we speak there are plans and actions set in motion that will kill millions upon millions of people, the gates of hell have been opened and armies of demons are soon to be swarming earth! As I said earlier, this can all be reversed, but in order to do that you must find the talisman of good will! Although mankind has free will, although this massive swarming of death has been allowed to happen because of evil in everyone’s hearts, you have also been left a gift, the will to reverse time itself and allow goodwill to once again reign! Your band Jason, DEMISE, that is the key to finding the talisman! But you must escape Drusellia and her hordes and you must obtain the talisman with goodwill in your hearts, otherwise your kind is damned forever to the pits of hell!”

“But where exactly………….” Jason wanted to get more details as to where he could find this talisman of goodwill, however before he could finish there was a loud crash at the door and the cabin ceased shaking.

“She has arrived, get behind me and stand close, I’m going to send you back to earth. She cannot kill me, but she will outnumber me. I will however take very much pleasure in sending her minions back to their fiery chains.”

“But what..” Jason began again.

“No but’s, just listen to me. You have very strong powers Jason, learn to use them, but use them wisely, as I said, you must retain your good will!”

With that both Kristina and Jason vanished from the cabin. A split second later the door splintered into a million pieces and demons and other beings from hell poured in.

“Noname, attack!!” Minerva shouted at the cat who was now considerably larger and much meaner looking than she looked in her domesticated form. She was now the size of a baby elephant and her claws roughly 3 feet long and very, very sharp.

Teeth bared and ears laid back, Noname hissed and sprang at the first group of onrushing hell spawn. She sliced through three with a swipe of her right claw spewing black as night entrails all over the cabin wall, a fourth one she bit in half then spit it’s gory torso at another attacker knocking it off it’s feet.

Meanwhile Minerva began wreaking his own form of havoc, out of thin air it seemed a sword made of pure bright light appeared and he began cutting through his enemies as soon as they came through the door. When demons took over the bodies of humans they looked like other humans were just wearing the skins of their fellow man. The skin hangs loosely and as soon as the body is taken over the living organs die and begin to rot at an alarming rate. By the time an hour or so has passed the inhabited body looks an smells like a rotting corpse.

Within seconds of the door crashing in the floor, ceiling, and walls of the cabin were littered with pieces of corpse. With each swing of Minerva’s sword or swipe of Noname’s claws or teeth limbs and heads and rotten stinking entrails flew through the air and demons screamed as they were sent packing back to their fiery home, since they had no other live bodies around to posses they had no where else to go.

Many saw what was happening and struggled to get out the door, however Minerva wasn’t about to give them the chance. Slash after slash of his sword and enemies fell, even as Noname caught and killed any stragglers who ran toward her.

Demons don’t have a snowballs chance in hell against a god and its pet Evitan. They are only good for fighting humans and angels, and even then they are hard for a demon god to control. That’s why when Minerva saw bodies dissolving from outside the door he knew that Drusellia had fully arrived.

“Fucking with my plans again are we Minerva?” She said with a sardonic smirk on her face. “We could fight it out here and now but we both know that neither of us would ever win. Why don’t you just tell me where your precious son and his slut friend have gone and I’ll be on my way.”

“Ha ha ha! ” Minerva roared “I’ve dragged your bitchy ass to hell before, I’ll gladly do it again!”

With that, Minerva raised his sword and rushed toward an impossible fight.

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