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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 9

by on Jan.09, 2008, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

“So how the hell are we supposed to stop all this from happening?” Jason asked “What I mean is, I’m a musician and Kristina is a nurse, how the hell are we supposed to stop an all powerful goddess, couldn’t she just swat us out of her way?”

“Well,” said Minerva as he absently pet the cat, who was now sleeping on the couch next to him. “There isn’t anyway you can stop this from happening, there is however a way to reverse it. I’ll get to that part in a moment. First, I’d like to tell you why the two of you have been chosen to carry out such a daunting task.”

“Many hundreds of years ago, us god’s and goddesses, on both sides of the fence, were allowed to breed with humans. There were many reasons for this, and I won’t go into it, but the outcome of it was nearly disastrous for the human race. The children that this produced retained some of the powers of us, yet they were still human, and it didn’t matter which side the god or goddess came from that sired them, they nearly always used them for evil. So, long story short, we were no longer able to breed, we can fuck all we want, that still happens quite often, but beyond that, no.”

“There are only two humans left in the world who have divine blood in their veins, and those two people, are you.” Minerva dropped this bomb without batting an eyelash, in fact, while his words set in, he set to repacking his pipe.

To Kristina, it made perfect sense, her whole family, as far back as it could be traced, had been strange in one way or another, her near daily conversations with her long dead grandmother was just icing on the cake. She remembered hearing stories of her great grandfather’s telekinetic powers, and how during World War 2 he had been able to place bombs inside impenetrable German strongholds. Many strange stories like that existed in and around her family, so the idea of having the blood of a god or goddess running through her did not surprise or scare her in the least bit.

Jason however, was shocked by the news. “That’s got to be bullshit! No one in my family has ever had any kind of special powers, at least, not as far as I know. In fact, I don’t think anyone in my family has ever done anything remotely special!”

“Have you ever wondered Jason why you look nothing like anyone in your family?” Minerva asked “Have you ever wondered why no one else in your family is in the least bit musically inclined yet you can write songs in your sleep?”

Jason just shook his head no; he honestly had no clue as to what he was talking about although it should have slapped him in the face long ago.

“He was adopted, wasn’t he?” Kristina asked

“Right on the money, in fact Jason, you are an extremely special case. Foreseeing what would be going down with the human race in a few years, the big guy upstairs made an exception to the no breeding rule and allowed you to be born.”

Kristina, sharp as ever, had noticed something earlier that Jason had not and it clicked into place. She looked at Minerva, looked at Jason, and then looked at Minerva again.

“You’re his father, aren’t you?” She asked Minerva. “Just look at him closely Jason, that’s all the proof you need, you’re his spitting image!”

Jason was nearly in shock. “But how? It doesn’t add up, you said that humans that were bred from gods acquired some of their powers, I’ve never had any powers, I’m just me!”

Minerva laughed and shook his head “Oh, you have them now, as of two hours ago when Drusellia grabbed you and was trying to twist the both of you to her will. You’ll see, your going to be using them quite a lot in the near future.”

Jason was still not quite buying it, but for now he was willing to let it go and sink in a bit, after all some really strange things had happened in the last few hours of his life an being the son of some super angel wouldn’t really surprise him all that much. There was however, one thing from his encounter with Drusellia that still bothered him.

“In my dream, or vision, or whatever the hell it was that I had, Drusellia was chanting something to me.” He said to Minerva. “Through the eye’s of innocence my darkness will prevail, through sickness strife and moral decay they will see the demon unveil, with my thirst for blood and hunger for flesh their fate I will decide..”

“ by one infect them all and consume them in my stride.” Kristina finished. “She said the same thing to me! What does it mean?

With a worried look, Minerva said, “That my friend’s is a locater spell, and since you both just said it Drusellia knows exactly where we are now.”

With that, the whole cabin began to shake.

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