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NwB: K’s Choice “Cider”

by on Dec.20, 2007, under Nerds With Beer, Reviews


Written by Andrew, syndicated Nerds With Beer Writer

As happens in everyone’s life, a party invite showed up in my inbox a few days before the party. Normally, such things are no great concern. This invitation, however, was for a friend’s house warming party. Considering the group that would be there, alcohol selection had to be constrained. It was a house warming, not a moving out party. I stopped on my way home to grab a Strongbow Cider, considering most of the people that would be there rather enjoy it. (At least the ones that would drink, and hence, the only ones that really counted for my purposes)
I should have realized the vortices of time and space were conspiring against me from the late arrival of the invitation. They also transported me into a bizarre world of retail grocery where no one realized that Apple Cider could ferment and a time where “Strongbow” was some sort of archery reference. After many recommendations to sports authority and “Aisle one, with the rest of the fruit juice” I gave up.

As I looked upon the shelves, I prayed to Bacchus to deliver me. His response was rather quiet and solemn; I found only one six-pack of Cider on the massive shelf. It bore a simple red “K” on a black bottle, with the words “The Ultimate in Quality” in gold script below it. Desperate for a solution, I chose this here-to-fore never seen brand.
It was a wonderful surprise. The bottle is a mere 9.3 ounces (275ml) in size. I assume that this is due to the British heritage of the brew, although it could be a marketing gimmick. Either way, it is 6.9% alcohol. Quite potent, considering how fast one metabolizes apple enzymes. I am not sure if Bacchus blessed this package or not, but I noticed a warm feeling during the first bottle, something that normally takes one or two Guinness in my case.

The flavor is slightly tart with a whisper of sweetness, much like a fresh picked green apple that has ripened just before the point of turning. It is the pale color of any processed apple juice, and the bottles I have had recently have very little carbonation. I am not sure if this is due to the bottles sitting on the shelf too long. I remember the first bottle to be a bit sweeter, but not drastically. This is not a drink to have warm, unless you have already had two while it got warm. However, by that time you may want to change to a Woodchuck or Miller.
I would highly recommend this brand to anyone. The mixture of the tart and the sweet flavors will satisfy most every palate, with the possible exception of those that prefer a 1978 Lambrusco. The smaller bottles allow for the addition of ice (or a Piet Hein Drink Cooler) to a 12-ounce glass to keep the drink cold. It is priced the same as most other imports, and the high content allows everyone to get to the “Happy Place” at their own pace. I give this brew 18 out of 20 Granny Smiths.

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