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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Explanations?

by on Dec.13, 2007, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

Recently, I was asked why I stopped writing about how to help bands become better in the weekly SH/SP column you are currently reading right now. This column went strong each week from July until early November with advice in how bands could better their position, stature, caste, well-being, adjective needed, and adjective required. Then, as if a pair of valves turned the themes left the realm of music and danced around the realms of economics loosely talking about bands and now nihilism. Why the change?

My four year psychology degree aside, the largest problem with writing any sort of self help material is the close mindedness of most (all) people. The target audience will completely ignore the self help aimed to assist them. Mostly, these people flat out do not know that this resource exists, but even if they did the results would be the same. These people simply do not believe they need the help, do not trust the source, or think they already know better. When they live in ignorance they will neither better their position, nor will they have an existence other than droning.

Instead you will find your target audience falling into two categories. The first being the choir or people that already think as you do about the situation. As much fun as preaching to the choir is, the end result is that of an ego boost alone. Then the ego boost is shot down, because the intended audience did not even see let alone comment on it. Preaching to the choir leads to complacency, and that complacency leads to the droning, the stale, and the degrading.

The first side effect of preaching to the choir is the breakdown of quality. Since the feedback is supportive only, the feedback does not lead to furthering the conversation. To say that the choir is a field of “yes men” is a bit of an overstatement, but if the choir has nothing to add then they might as well be “yes men.” Challenge the ideals, and challenge the underlying themes. Add to the conversation, since that is the edge blogging has over books, the ability for the silent voyeur to add to the conversation when so moved.

The other category of people are the researchers who have a conclusion in mind and want supporting documentation for a reference. These people are dangerous, because they often misconstrue and misinterpret facts in order to fit inside their predetermined conclusions. Compared to fatalists they know the end result and just want reassurance that they can get there. If you prepare a piece using a Socratic dialogue they will hone in on the part they want to believe rather than take in both viewpoints. They are experts in skimming for key words, and have now adapted greatly to search engines on the internet.

Earlier I had called these people dangerous, and I find the need to explain further. When people conduct research saying that they are open minded, but actually are working towards an end the whole process is skewed and they have lied to themselves. Succumbing to their own hype in believing they are open minded, others might take their work more seriously, when in actuality they did very little research to get there. These people most often misinterpret what is said, and that is what makes them dangerous when they go public with their findings. Now the originator either defends their position, or sits back. Either way their reputation has taken a hit, and many people could make the wrong decision based on motives rather than facts.

Consider this my final breakup with crappy bands out there. I no longer want to get “in bed” with you, play your music, become intimate with your ideals, or support you when you are down and blue. There are better bands out there that I’m attracted too. It’s not me, it’s you. I do not want to cheat on you, so I will rather say this is the end. I can do better, much better.

2 comments for this entry:
  1. Jason

    fuck ’em

  2. onedgedan

    yeah, I agree, fuck’em, they suck ass


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