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NWB vs the Black Wattle Baron

by on Dec.07, 2007, under Nerds With Beer, Reviews

blackwattle_bottle.jpgIt was a dark and unstormy night in the arctic tundra Zanny calls an apartment.

Kat had been informed that the Nerds with Beer articles had magically dropped off the face of the planet, coincidentally coinciding with the terrible tradgedy of all the Nerds that like beer being quite significantly less than affluent. Kat herself had not had a decent encounter with beer since her Oktoberfest extravaganza.

Well, things needed to change.

She went to the fridge and pulled out the first glass bottle she could find: “Black Wattle Superior Barons Wattle Seed Ale” (which was apparently left behind during the rapture…I MEAN, left behind by Andrew the Great and Magical Sage). Kat marched the intense dark brown bottle over to Zanny and informed him of the tragic catatonia that had befallen the articles.

“Drink! Write!”, she exclaimed. “I stopped playing WoW to help salvage Nerds with Beer and now we must consume this tasty looking wattle seed ale. Let us be swift for I have many peaceblossoms to pick later!”
Zanny promptly forbad Kat to ever play WoW again (yearightlikethatsgonnahappenmeh).

Zanny went and grabbed two glasses and poured the brew into them. Like vultures hovering over the decomposing body of a murloc, they sniffed the golden tinged mahogany ale. They both decided it smelled rather sweet, very unlike the decomposing body of a murloc. Kinda like molasses. Hmmm, actually, it sort of had molasses coloring…interesting… anywaaayyyyyy, on to the tasting!


Initial taste:
Zanny- surprisingly bitter, interesting almost wheat sort of flavor, definitely grain-like flavoric something or other (insert fancy word here), with a bittersweet afterthought in the back of your throat (hehehe “No homo”, Ryan Dairy, eat your heart out).
Kat- “who’s Ryan Dairy?”
Zanny- “The curly-haired freak, if you will”.
Kat- “oh yeeeaaaaah, that kid. I’m going to taste this beer now” Oh god, the lasting creamy head is the best. Very tasty beer, definitely lives up to the black beer distinction. Still not really sure what a wattle seed is but it is damn tasty. A nice combination of sweet and bitter and creamy. Must find more of this!

Black Wattle Superior earns the Nerds with Beer stamp of approval.

In the end Nerds with Beer joined forces with the Black Wattle Baron and flew off into the sunset to go battle the Horde…er… I mean… to go fight the good fight against all those crappy beers out there.
Zanny wanted to save Kat’s soul and disconnect her from the internet forever.


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