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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On When Is the Next Show

by on Dec.06, 2007, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

Somewhere between hype and the truth is the comfortable lie we tell everyone else about our given projects. After you have found your comfortable lie and decided to live with it, you are now in the arena of hype. Usually hype starts out small until you forget the details to begin with.

Once you start believing your own lie instead of the truth, you start to exaggerate that lie. The truth is now blurred, because you have replaced past memories with hype. Hence, you are on your way to losing your integrity. Welcome to the world of band politics.

Most of the time, bands will hype their lies around town without realizing it. They have to, because part of being in a gigging band is showmanship. Everyone wants to be the biggest and the best. In order to be the biggest and the best people think they have to brag about being the biggest and the bestest. Somehow, actions are lost in the presence of words, and everyone seems to get in on that action.

This path is safe to travel, because people hate going to see local shows. They just want to know of local bands, and not know them. For the most part these people do not matter, but feel free to hype to them. This logic is intensified for online radio stations, where every band wants to be played on the station, and none of them listen to the shows they are in before or after.

It is time to break down a couple of myths for you. Perhaps you have said these, and perhaps you have heard these. Let us see if you recognize the following statements from around town:

Question: When is your next show?
Hype: We are currently in the studio.
Truth: We do not know, nor are we stable enough to show up to a gig.

Question: How was the show last night?
Hype: It was a small intimate crowd that really got into the set.
Truth: No one showed up to our show.

How did you sound last night?
Hype: There were problems with the board and sound person.
Unasked Question: Did the other bands have these issues?
Truth: No.

Question: How often does your band get together to practice?
Hype: We are very tight. We want the material to feel fresh when we play it so we do not practice anymore.
Truth: We used to practice regularly, but due to internal band issues, we scaled back. It is the only way to keep from breaking up.

Question: Do you have many fans?
Hype: We have thousands of friends on spacebook.
Truth: I have to personally call every person and beg him or her to come to a show. Even then, most do not.

Hype: We went on tour with _______.
Truth: We had two or three shows with ________ in our area.

The sad part about these hype statements are you are usually telling them to people that do not matter. True fans know when your next show is, and some of them were even at the show others are questioning you about now. These are the answers you use to justify your existence. Since you are justifying yourself, there is no wonder why people hype the answers up so much. They want to believe their lies, or they have no purpose in what they are doing.

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