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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 8

by on Dec.05, 2007, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

Larry Vannay was 21 years old, not a day younger, not a day older. As of midnight he was now legally allowed to do what he had been doing the past few previous years with a fake I.D and damnit, he was proud of that fact! He had proudly presented his I.D to the clerk at the liquor store, paid for his purchases and then proudly walked back out and to his car where four of his friends were waiting for him to return.

Now, four hours later, standing in a field deep in the woods of Northern Virginia around a bonfire and accompanied by nearly 400 other people around his age, Larry was happily wasted.

“I’m cold, let’s go stand by the fire.” Allyson Niles said through shivering teeth.

Allyson was Larry’s soon to be ex-girlfriend, she just hadn’t decided when would be a good time to do the deed and break up with the over sensitive, whiney bastard. The more she drank however, the more she started thinking she could put up with the crying and pleading he was bound to produce when he received the news, never once did it occur to her that doing it beside a raging fire would be a bad idea.

Winter had set in nicely and as they neared the fire they both stretched out their hands to warm them. Neither one of them noticed that the flames seemed just a little too alive, but then again both were wasted along with everyone else at the party.

“Larry,” Allison said after a moment. “I really need to tell you something.”

The flames danced a little higher, a little closer.

“Our relationship used to be great but the last few months you’ve changed and I just can’t stand your sensitivity, I’m sorry to do this now but I really need to be out of this relationship.”

Two flames joined and became a hand, a reaching hand.

Larry, being every bit the sensitive bastard that Allyson made him out to her friends to be didn’t say a word, he merely looked at her and began crying.

“See, this is what I mean, your just too fucking sensitive! I need a man, not boy who’s going to quiver his lip every time something doesn’t go his way!”

Allyson realized she was probably taking it too far but she was too drunk to even remotely give a damn.

“In fact, I’ve already found a man and while your standing here crying like a bitch he’s waiting in his car for me so he can take me home and fuck my brains out.”

Two more flames joined to become another hand, now both fire hands were standing by to embrace and if anyone had been listening close enough they would have heard that the crackling sounds coming from the fire sounded a little like harsh laughter.

Larry grabbed Allyson by both shoulders so hard that she was startled and when she looked up she finally noticed the rage in his eyes and it scared the living shit out of her.

He never said a word, he just simply shoved her as hard as he could toward the fire. Arms flailing she flew backward and nearly into the flames.

“You fucking sick bast..” She began to scream. She was cut off as two fiery arms shot out of the fire and grabbed her around the waist. Her words turned to screams of agony as she was pulled backward into the mouth of the demon waiting in the fire. Larry heard a sickening crunching sound and was then horrified to see Allyson’s flaming skull fly toward him as the demon spit it back out.

With a growl of triumph the demon stepped out of the fire and walked up to a very scared Larry.

“Thanks for the grub asshole, your girlfriend was a real bitch but damn she tasted good! By order of the laws of free will, I now claim you in the name of Drusselia, Goddess of destruction and death. As I serve her you will now serve me.”

With that the demon grabbed Larry and embraced him, as it touched his skin it sank into him, the two joining into one. Larry’s eyes rolled in his head and then closed, when they opened again they were the eyes of the demon.

“I am Ceraphin, god of deception and strife, in the name of Drusselia rise my minions and claim your hosts!”
The demon roared.

With that, the fire sprang to life once more as hundreds of demons jumped from hell and descended on the rest of the partygoers. Screams turned to demonic laughter as every last person turned in to the demon that inhabited them.

“Our time has come, this army is small now but millions of your kind are waiting for us to recruit more host’s! Scatter around and wherever you can, wherever you find evil in the heart of humans, open a door just as I have just done and inhabit the wicked and their friends, the innocent will soon be our feast!!”

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