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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 7

by on Nov.28, 2007, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

Kristina Thomas was 12 years old when she first talked to her grandmother, they spent an entire afternoon listening to old records and just talking. They talked about school and music and all of her friends. Nothing normal, nothing scary, except for the fact that Hannah Thomas had died in a car accident when Kristina was 3 years old.

This didn’t scare Kristina or freak her out in anyway. In fact, she felt proud that her much talked about grandmother would cross the boundary that separates the living from the dead just to spend time with her.

When she spoke about it to her grandfather the next day he didn’t seem in the least bit surprised and he most definitely didn’t act like he disbelieved her.

“Strange shit just seems to happen to our family Kristina, your grandmother knew that quite well, probably better than any of the rest of us, she probably just wanted to prepare you for that herself.”

So when in one moment of consciousness she was being slammed to the ground in a hospital morgue and then in the next she was walking into a log cabin that was inhabited by a cat, a guy covered in tattoo’s and piercing’s and an old man that looked to her like a cross between her grandfather and Rob Zombie all that ran through her head was “Strange shit happens”.

If she seemed a little dazed when the old man introduced himself as Minerva and introduced Jason as her partner in tragedy it was only because she was reveling in the fact that strange shit was indeed happening.

As per the training she had received in the form of her grandmother’s very often visits, she took a deep breath, composed herself, looked Minerva in the eye and asked. “What is my purpose here?”

“Ahhhhh, now see, I’m glad your not doing this alone Jason, this one has brains!” Minerva said
“I will answer that question in a moment, but first, please, have a seat.”

Kristina crossed the room with a confident stride and sat on the couch next to Jason. She glanced at him as she did so and thought she recognized his face. Very familiar but she couldn’t quite think of where she had seen him before. No matter, she thought, I’ll ask later.

Minerva took his seat, relit his pipe and spent the next hour telling Kristina everything he had already told Jason. They both listened intently and that made him happy, they would need all the info they could take in order to survive the coming mayhem.

Kristina, who no longer seemed in the least bit dazed asked him.

“Why is she allowed to do this? I know you say it’s her instinct and her purpose to destroy and cause chaos but if there are “good” gods like you and an all powerful one even higher, why isn’t she stopped? How is it she’s able to maim and destroy at will?”

“Will, will is the key to her power, just as it is the driving force behind everything in this and all other universes. At the very beginning humans were given a powerful gift, free will. Unfortunately most of humanity have an evil will. Jealousy, hatred, spite, murder and pain are flying rampant around this world and it has all been because humans have willed it.”

“Since evil has become the majority will of humanity’s heart then us “gods” that thrive on love and compassion and all of the better things that you humans are capable of, have to make way to the “gods” like Drusellia who can reap the benefits. We have no free will, therefore we have no choice in the matter, the choice has been entirely up to you humans.”

“I’ll put it in terms that you can understand, percentages tell the story best, during World War II nearly 50 million were killed, at that time the percentage of evil will was around 20 percent, even at the worst. Now as the world stands it’s around 80 percent. In other words, humanity is long overdue.”

Jason, with a shocked look on his face finally spoke up. “What do you mean overdue, do you mean there’s going to be another war soon?”

Minerva looked Jason in the eye through a mist of pipe smoke and in a very low tone said “War’s Jason, many, many war’s. In fact there is a word for such total chaos, it’s called Armageddon.”

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