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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Being Thankful

by on Nov.22, 2007, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

You awaken out of a light sleep, the only sort of sleep you will allow yourself these days. As you come to, you hear the sound of rustling in your home. Reaching below your bed, you grab a shotgun and a hunting knife as you start to adjust your eyes to the darkness. Calling the police will not help; you will be dead before you could even hang up the phone for them not to show up until tomorrow regardless.

After peering around the corner, you see five gang members with sledgehammers looting your living room, and you have twenty seconds before they see you actually were home during the invasion. Sounds like the start of a new video game for the box 720, right?

Think again. Think Cleveland, Ohio. Think Leighigh Acres, Florida. Soon think any city where the lower class blossoms due to skyrocketing foreclosure rates. The middle class is being erased one Adjustable Rate Mortgage at a time. If you fend off these five, another ten will show up to seek retribution from the abandoned house they are squatting in around the block. What do you do? Depends if you do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, or do unto others, before they do unto you.

We live in a time where it is easier to have an intimate conversation with someone 200 miles away than it is to know your own neighbor. The result far exceeds the breakdown of any sort of community. The end result is a truck full of people backing up to your home in broad daylight, kicking in the door, and stealing everything you own while you are at work. Meanwhile your neighbor from five houses over cannot hear what is going on because he shut his windows. Even if he did see what was happening, since he does not know you, why should he get involved to help you?

Some of you skeptics out there might be thinking that nothing like this is happening, and nothing like this is going on. Do you know your neighbors? Do you know which house/apartment was last robbed in your subdivision/complex? The media is already trying to cover it up.

First, you will see a flurry of articles telling people about the banks offering refinancing of high loans to keep from defaulting. When that tactic does not work, you will see them talking about an extraordinarily long waiting time between being late on your mortgage until when they actually foreclose. Welcome to the world of false hope. This false hope continues with even better ways to declare bankruptcy. If you do not feel helpless, you will not take on the tactics of the deprived.

As the false hope diminishes you will see articles trying to convince you not to recycle industrial scrap such as aluminum siding, computers, televisions, and copper piping. If people do not believe there is money to be had from a home invasion, then they will be less likely to go house hunting. Construction sites are now hiring security guards to protect their building materials from looters.

When the media starts talking about these events as riots in old ghettos, you should start to worry. When they stop talking about riots and just talking about martial law, welcome to your fascist post-apocalyptic society we read about as kids.

Will it get this bad? The trend is already abound in certain old industrial cities in the upper mid-west. Shed light on the holiday shopping season instead, because you want people buying goods, and not worrying about their own safety. If just enough people go out and buy things this holiday season, your retail people might keep their jobs. The housing market people (realtors, builders, and underwriters) have already lost theirs. If the retail sector goes down next, service industry will quickly follow.

The signs are obvious for which homes are potential victims. The grass has not been cut in weeks, the lights are never on or always on, and worse yet, the house has already been hit so the doors/windows are broken.

So, what would I do in the scenario listed above happened to me in my house? Simple: In case of Zombie, Break Glass. Then I’d go to town Frank Castle style.

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  1. Jason

    The dollar is in a freefall, the middle class is shrinking more and more everyday, we’re all at the mercy of constant inflation from a failed monetary system where a small elite can create an infinite amount of money for themselves, and this bringing the dollar closer and closer to worthless for the average working class citizen. I’m seeing more and more people having to get second jobs just to barely scrape by.
    With the fearmongering media always finding new ways to scare the hell out of people to convince them to give up their constitutional rights, it bothers me that there are an unusually high amount of post-apocalyptic films coming out lately.
    We’ve been on the brink of complete martial law for years. Congress has (illegally) passed acts and directives that give them the authority to declare complete martial law whenever they feel the time is right.
    And how does the average person feel about all this? Apathetic. And the ones who do realize that “hey, this is kinda fucked up” think that signing a petition and posting a blog on myspace will solve the problems.
    Really, knowledge and awareness will help the general populace to see through all the bullshit and not submit to having their lives controlled, manipulated, and ultimately taken from them. So, Leo, for using your column to spread awareness when you easily could have made the conscious decision to never talk about anything having to do with politics or the economy or really anything important having to do with more than just the careers of struggling musicians, I salute you. The sad thing, though, is that too many people are ingrained in old ways and are convinced that just electing a different CFR-backed puppet will solve all problems. People don’t take any personal responsibility for what happens in the world. Things are the way they are because people have let them get like that. Things won’t get any better until people at least educate themselves as to what’s going on in the world. And with the current military-industrial corporate media conglomeration dumbing people down the way it is, that unfortunately isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

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