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The Hunger: A Series of Horror: Pt. 6

by on Nov.21, 2007, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

What passed as Drusellias mind was burning with fury trying to figure out which other deity was interfering with her plans. Both of the mortals that she had been trying to draw into her plans had suddenly disappeared literally out from underneath her. The only explanation there could be is that one of her “good” siblings had decided to step in and try to foil her latest attempt at world mutilation.

“Fuck, fuck and double flying fuck!” She raged in a language that had been dead to human ears even before Latin was alive.

She raged and raged but all in vain, all of the other god’s and goddess’s were just as secretive and powerful as she, if they wanted to hide a couple of shitting little mortals they could. Still, this fact did nothing to calm her, in fact it only pissed her off even more. She needed to blow off a little steam.

Drusellia, in human form, was very beautiful, many men and woman have sworn that her body was worth dying for and had done just that. Normally all she had to do was fuck them to drive them crazy and have her will with their minds, but the fucking was just a fun game, she could walk into a room and instantly cause everyone in it to start killing one another. Tonight she just wanted to see blood, and lots of it.

As she walked into the Black Moon Lounge, one of Miami’s more swanky clubs, every head in the room turned to see her, and then every eye turned jealous as she poisoned the patron’s mind by making them all think everyone else in the room was going to get her before the other.

A woman of about 30 sitting at a table in a corner suddenly smashed her wine glass on the table and jammed the jagged edge of it into her husband’s neck.

“Keep your eyes off of her you fuck, she’s mine!” She screamed at him.

Even though blood was shooting out of puncture in his neck and gushing down his chest. He had just enough strength left to jump on top of his wife, grab a steak knife from the table and jam it into her left eye. The woman twitched and convulsed as the blade punctured her brain. Without a second glance at his wife, the man stood on shaky legs and tried to run toward the perfect and smiling woman standing in the middle of the room.

Before he could so much as take a step however, the top of his head evaporated in a cloud of blood and brain matter. The man that had been sitting behind him was an off duty bodyguard and always had his gun with him and had pulled it as soon as Drusillia entered.

Drusillia began laughing with uncontrollable joy as all over the room destruction, mayhem and murder erupted. Anything that could possibly be used as a weapon was, some were even using bare hands and teeth. They were all running a race that could not be won.

A woman close by, grabbed a man’s balls, twisted and then bit down as hard as she could on his neck, as her teeth punctured his jugular he screamed and blood spewed out all over Drusillias face. This made her laugh even more, it also turned her on. Maybe she would fuck after all.

She grabbed the woman and drew her to her. “You have won me for tonight child, come with me.”

Blood dripping from the woman’s mouth she looked at Drusillia with dazed eyes and smiled . “Anything for you my goddess, I live only to serve.”

“And that’s all you will live for dear, come now, your poor mortal friends are soon to be the property of my husband.”

The demi-god gathered the woman up in her arms and walked out the front door. The few remaining survivors inside instantly snapped out of their spell and looked around in horror at the mass murder that had been committed. Their horror didn’t last long however, with a glance over her shoulder Drusillia made the building erupt in hellfire, inside not a soul remained, they were all being dragged to the underworld where the torture of their sins would never end.

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