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No One and a Half: The Life Of A Musician

by on Nov.19, 2007, under Articles, No One and a Half

Scribed by Jason Firestone.

School, work, music, sleep, school, work, music, sleep, sleep, sleep, lather, rinse, repeat… Do the dishes, do laundry, do work for school, do the dew, do unto others, do what thou wilt… Talk to myself, talk to you, talk to no one, talk out of my ass, talk with my foot in my mouth…

I had way more caffeine today than I usually do and it still has done nothing to wake me up In fact, it actually made me more tired, which makes no sense Maybe I’m really just dead but energy drinks are keeping my heart going

I started writing this song the other day as I was driving home from band practice It starts off all like deehh dutututututu deehh dutututututu deehh dutututututu deehh dutututututu And then it goes into the verse that’s all like DERRRR DEEHHH DERRRR DERRR TUHTUH TUHTUH And then the chorus is like atatatatatat DER DER DER tutututu DER DER tutututu…

Fucking cool shit

I’m still working on it, but goddamn it’ll be so badass

Let’s see… it’s 1:10am now. I have to get up at, uh, 6:30. Dammit. Why does sleep have to be so necessary? Time to use King Murdoch’s MySpace to further my nefarious agenda for world domination. Uh, I mean, promote.

Promotion is so backwards these days. What even works anymore? Maybe I should get fake tits and make a sex tape. And then “accidentally” have it “fall into the wrong hands.” That’ll be a way to get noticed. Hell, it worked for Paris Hilton. Except Paris Hilton has no tits. Or a band. Or a soul.

Ahh, the life of a musician. You live, learn, play music, get nowhere, and eventually die. And, ya know, there’s a lot of, like, masturbation and Taco Bell and stuff in there too.

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