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Nerds with Beer: Hermit Reviews Pt 2 – Blue Moon Belgian White

by on Nov.16, 2007, under Nerds With Beer, Reviews

I was inspired by Kat’s new hermit review and the TLP interview to perhaps undertake a review of my own.See, we all secretly obsess about becoming an official Nerd With Beer, with a profile and everything (well I do, but I’m a joiner not a leader), before realizing we actually have to drink and think at the same time! Isn’t the whole point of drinking to NOT think?

Either way, I decided that watching Rock of Love (just plain dorky) and doing my calculus homework (geeky?) was enough to equal a nerdy evening deserving of a beer.

I pulled a Blue Moon Belgian White out of the fridge that I had bought while getting back up for the Nerds with Cider event (unfortunately too much drinking that night to remember exactly what the cider tasted like). Kat recommended this to me as a) Blue Moon has a seasonal pumpkin ale, and a search has begun for all “fall” flavored beers, particularly the pumpkin ones, b) I really love Sam Adams Summer Ale so wheat beer is normally a very good Liz sign and c) I was in Publix, so you take what you can get! I do know that I like this beer (hence breaking the party rule of ‘leave the alcohol you brought’) but let us look deeper (see, that sounded official).

The official description says it is “a refreshing, unfiltered wheat ale brewed and spiced in the Belgian tradition for a uniquely complex taste & uncommon finish.” Furthermore, it’s “brewed with white wheat and oats” and “features a crisp wheat finish and the perfect combination of orange peel and coriander.” It even encourages you to serve it with an orange slice in your Pilsner glass. Unfortunately, because my grandmother has succeeded in breaking all of our glasses (high five for seniors…), I’m drinking straight out of the bottle. Lord knows the idea of it with an orange sounds fantastic though. If the Summer Ale endorsement didn’t give it away, I really love citrus flavors in my beverage.

If you’ve listened to the interview, you heard them discourage about talking about mouthfeel… hehe mouthfeel… but I really love the creaminess of it. I’m not a big carbonation fan (but I still endeavor to drink more beer? That’s dedication) so I love that a heavier beer can even that out. That and thin beers taste like piss water. Or “American Pilsners,” as our dear Malicious would say, taste like piss water. That crispness line is true too. It gives that nice bitter beer taste without lingering and turning into rotten bread taste. It is not as citrus flavored as the Summer Ale but it plays its role in the background. I love the fruit beers and other malted beverages, but when I want a beer, it should still taste like beer. But I still swear it smells like orange peel, not orange, but orange peel.

So to summarize, the label is accurate. It’s crisp, just a little sweet, nothing life changing, but thoroughly a delicious and easy-to-drink beer.

Now to dig out that pumpkin one to find out why none of these damn beers taste like Potter’s Pumpkin Juice (now that is frickin’ nerdy.)


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  1. Tim

    Blue Moon is one of my fav’s. Be sure to locate an orange, it does enhance the flavor nicely.

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