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The Hunger: A Series of Horror, Pt. 5

by on Nov.14, 2007, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

Jason remained dumbfounded and he had a million questions he would like to ask Minerva but instead he remained silent, he really wanted to hear what the demi-god , or whatever the hell he was, had to say. The past few hours of his life had been surreal to say the least, he figured he might as well just go with it and see where it leads.

“As I’ve mentioned, there have been mortals such as yourself who have seen the world as I live in it and there have been stories written of such accounts. They have all been fictionalized, mostly due to the fact that what they have seen cant really be comprehended by the human mind so their imagination tries to conjure up a rational explanation.”

“Every story that has been written about us portrays us as THE gods, all powerful beings who can do what they please. In truth we are divine but we still have to answer to higher powers.”

Jason tried to speculate in his mind as to where this story was going but found it impossible to guess. Considering he had never believed in A God, it was impossible for him to grasp the idea of any kind of realm other then the one he lived in.

Minerva took another long drag off his pipe, exhaled the smoke and continued.

“I wont go into the story of how we all got separated into different side’s, but I will tell you one side is good and one side is pure evil. The one you have been so unlucky as to draw the attention of is named Drusellia, she remained well hidden every time a human who could possibly write about what they had seen entered our realm but if she had she would have probably been seen as the goddess of hunger and sacrifice and torment.”

“How come she stayed hidden?” Jason asked, speaking for the first time since Minerva shut him up. “I don’t remember much from mythology but it seems like all the gods and goddesses were pretty intent on drawing attention to themselves.”

“She didn’t hide herself, hell no! The only humans who have seen our realm have for one reason or another been allowed to see it. If Drusellia had been able to roam free she would have destroyed them, it’s all her nature can dictate her to do. The one you know as Hades is her direct master and even he knew the importance of our visitors so she was caged up for the duration of their visits.”

Jason suddenly had a flashback to his nightmare and shuddered slightly as he felt goose bumps rise on his skin. The torture, screams and dismemberment still seemed very real.

“So if she likes to torment people and she’s a minion of hell, why doesn’t she stay in hell and torment all she want’s there?” Jason queried.

“Hell is full of souls, not people. She craves the flesh and blood of the living and she makes good and sure that her victims are hell bound before she destroys them completely, those are her masters orders. She works behind the scenes creating hate and disorder until finally there is a massacre or, in some cases throughout the ages, a war. Every time there is horror and torture involved, her hand has been somewhere in the mix, most of the time quite literally, she enjoys taking part as much as she can.”

Jason opened his mouth to ask another question but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Ah, it seems your soon to be friend has arrived.” Minerva said, then he shouted toward the door, “Please, come in!”

The door opened and in walked a woman in her early 20’s, her black hair was a mess and her clothes were covered in blood but other than that she looked fine.

Jason Milsner meet Kristina Thomas.” Minerva said in introduction.

“You are now both partners in tragedy.”

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