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Nerds with Beer: Kat’s First Oktoberfest

by on Nov.09, 2007, under Nerds With Beer, Reviews

Written by Kat, syndicated Nerds With Beer Writer

A Wholesome Journey into Oblivion (via Warsteiner)

Part I: Sober Kat

Saturday morning started off rather bleak for me as I drove over to my mother’s house, previously having committed myself to helping her clean. Along the way I received a phone call from Zanny telling me that they were at Oktoberfest and why on earth wasn’t I there?? My response went much like this: “why didn’t you remind me earlier and more importantly, why I would want to drive myself all the way down to Lantana is beyond me”. Always the one to find a counter point, Zanny informed me that Randy was going to be attending and that I should go catch a ride with him.

At approximately 2:30pm I show up on Randy’s doorstep to a very bewildered Randy and I inform him that I will be keeping him company on the 30 minute drive up to Oktoberfest. I also inform him that I will split the cost of parking (yes, folks, parking fees, at a lovely ass-raping cost of ten-freaking-dollars that could be put towards an ass raping pitcher of beer fee of sixteen-freaking-dollars but hey, whatever, it’s Oktoberfest, it happens once a year, may as well indulge). Meh, whatever. Randy and I show up and are immediately concerned by the vast amounts of children’s fair rides that are littering the parking lot. I’m concerned because the only beer signs I see are for Warsteiner. We pay our entry fee of $7 and proceed onward. After securing the parameter and not really finding beer (I subconsciously passed over the big tent that said Warsteiner), we called Zanny and attempted to locate our other beer nerds (well, three out of four of us were there. Clay was unavailable and would have been severely disappointed at the lack of anything remotely cider-related anyway).

Rounding up the crew I was delighted to see that not only Zanny had come but Allie, James, Lindsey, and Andrew had also decided to join on this merry day of German beer and foodstuffs. Immediately there was talk of pitchers and I voted for the Warsteiner Dunkel (the dark) having previously tried the regular Warsteiner and finding it not-so-terrible but not-so-great either (hence my earlier disappointment at seeing only Warsteiner signs). A pitcher arrived full of delicious looking dark beer, in its official Oktoberfest plastic pitcher. Beer promptly got poured into official Oktoberfest plastic cups and I took my first sniff (yes, sniff. By now everyone should realize I sniff before I sip). The aroma was quite tempting. It smelled dense and creamy with just a bit of spice to tickle the nose. I braved a sip. The flavor was a bit heavy but lived up to the creamy slightly spicy aroma. Like most dark beers, it is one to sip, not chug. And thus began Kat’s official Oktoberfest drinking binge!

Part II: Not-so-sober Kat

At this point the details are rather shady. I tried the Warsteiner Oktoberfest. I remember it being passable but cannot recount the actual taste. I tried some sort of delicious liquor that started with a “k”, was imported, and had a berry flavor followed by black licorice. More beer followed. Always either the Dunkel or the Oktoberfest. Food happened at some point and I recall eating some form of pork (complete with gravy and applesauce) with mashed potatoes and red sauerkraut. It was a delicious mesh of German-ness with a Warsteiner Dunkel to wash it down (I’d like to point out that I was trying to eat food to sober up a little. James going and getting me more beer sort of negated that whole theory).

After food there was more drinking. And funnel cake. Most importantly funnel cake. Throughout the day/evening we had all taken turns going on the playground where I accidentally flashed James my underwear while attempting to ride on the seesaw (note to self: seesaws + short skirts= disaster). The swings were exhilarating and we all determined that we need to drink beer and go on playgrounds more often. Somehow the group made it to the Tilt-a-Whirl. Thank goodness I never puke when drunk. It was amazing! I highly recommend drunken fair rides, more so than Warsteiner. Though, it was due to the Warsteiner that the drunken fair rides were made possible. Quite obviously the Warsteiner was better than the Miller Lite which they were also selling (shudder). Overall it was a win-win situation for me, who was quite happily shit-faced most of the night.

I ended up hitching a ride back to my car from Andrew because Randy had left early. Somehow I managed to drive my car from Randy’s to Zanny’s that night (oh hush; it was a two minute drive). Then I very successfully showered drunk, shaved my legs drunk, then passed out, well, drunk. At some point I mumbled a bit of god-knows-what but reports from the others indicate I was not too much of a burden. Incidentally, the next morning I woke up very hung over yet glad for the experience.

At this point I’d like to thank Randy for driving my ass down there and Andrew for driving my ass back. Oh, and Allie for being sober and putting up with us drunkards. I’d further like to thank everyone there for a fantastic first Oktoberfest experience and I hope many more follow. Most of the fun one has in life is directly related to the company they keep and I was in very good company that night.



PS- Try the Warsteiner. It’s not bad. I’m just pretentious and against most things that I can go to the local grocery store and purchase. That taken into consideration, Warsteiner is fairly awesome for it being so convenient.

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