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The Hunger: A Series of Horror, Pt. 4

by on Oct.31, 2007, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

A blank, bright, white wall that’s all Jason could see no matter which way he turned. He wasn’t exactly in a room,rooms had borders,corners where four walls a ceiling and a floor intersected. No matter which way he looked, up, down, right or left, all he saw was a single stretching into infinity. He saw that and nothing else.

There was no sense of time, no smell, no noise, he even had no sense of where he was. One moment he had been in his bedroom getting thrown around by an invisible attacker and the next he was here.

Strangely, he didn’t feel any sense of alarm at the sudden relocation, in fact,he felt at peace, especially after such a nerve wracking experience he had been through just seconds before.

“The couch is over there,have a seat.”

A voice boomed as all of a sudden the white walls were replaced by a fully furnished room. To Jason there was no perceived transition, out of nowhere a room was around him, four walls, a ceiling and a floor all made of logs. A wood stove the size of a mini van was burning hot in a corner and the light emanating from it illuminated a couch and two rocking chairs, all made from the same kind of wood as the room itself, in fact they appeared to have grown from the wood. A maroon colored rug covered part of the floor and the walls were decorated with old movie posters, a bit out of place for such a rustic room but hell, this whole location was out of place.

Jason glanced around looking for the person that the voice belonged to,the only being he saw was a gray and black striped cat sitting on one of the chairs, the cat wasn’t paying him a bit of attention.

“I said, have a seat on the couch, I’ll be there in a moment.” The voice said again.And Jason noticed a door near the wood stove. He walked to the couch and sat down right as he heard a toilet flush from behind the door. The door opened and an old man walked out waving his hand back and forth in front of his nose.

“Damn sweet potatoes, give me the shits every time, don’t know why I keep eating the,” the old man muttered as he made his way across the room and to the other chair, the one not occupied by the cat.

“Where am I?” Jason asked

“Where am I? Where am I? You just had a run in with the meanest most vengeful bitch in the universe and all you can ask is where am I?!” replied the man.

Jason opened his mouth to retort but the old man stopped him.

“Never mind, don’t talk, anything you say right now is bound to be another dumb ass question and those only tend to distract from the point at hand. For now I’ll just tell you what you need to know to keep that bloodthirsty bitch from becoming more powerful.”

The cat yawned and peeked out of one half opened eye at the old man and then as lazily as possible laid it’s head back down and went to sleep. Jason only half noticed this,his attention was focused wholly on the man in front of him, a man that he almost but not quite recognized.

“This planet, this universe has so many things in and around it that cant be seen on the human level, things that when seen by those unlucky enough to be cursed with the ability to see them drive those unlucky souls absolutely bat-shit.”

“Every now and then one of those unlucky bastards will come out only half crazy and they write about what they’ve seen, pretty much that’s where every story you’ve ever heard from greek mythology and such came from,right down to the beings that a human would perceive as gods and godesses. That part was the only part that was misunderstood, what I mean is, there are only two masters, one for the dark and one for the light the demi-gods and goddesses are only what you would call upper and lower management.”

The old man pulled out a pipe and lit it. As he put the match book back on the table he clenched the pipe between his teeth and said. “My name is Minerva and if you listen to me you may just be able to save the lives of a few million mortals just like you.”

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