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Nerds With Beer: Trust the Midas Touch?

by on Oct.26, 2007, under Nerds With Beer, Reviews

Written by Clay the Corrupter, syndicated Nerds With Beer Writer

Midas Touch

So, about a year ago I saw this beer and looking at the box it mentioned saffron, which is an amazingly expensive spice, that I just so happen to love. So I became intrigued, beer with saffron, huh, could be interesting, could be tasty, and it could be the most amazing thrill ride for my taste buds since red meat! Fast forward to a few months ago: Zanny told me this story about a beer that was found in some ancient king’s tomb, and they analyzed it and found out how to make it and someone made it, and it was called Midas Touch (after King Midas, not the brake shop).

So a few nights ago I decided that NWB (Nerds with Beer) needed to try this Saffron infused beer. So I went to get it at the only place I know that has it, and guess what, it’s Midas Touch! So I’m all excited now, not only does it have saffron, but it’s a 3,000 year old recipe! This is going to be amazing.

For those you that don’t know, or remember, King Midas was the king that had the golden touch. Everything that he came into contact with turned to solid gold, including food. He was rich, but skinny as hell.

Anyway, I arrive at NWB HQ with a 4 pack of Midas Touch and $15 less in my wallet (yes it was $15 for 4 bottles, saffron is expensive) The bottles are left to chill for a bit and since there was one for each of us I handed them out. Opened the bottle and took a sniff, it smelled like 3,000 year old beer, but smell is never enough to make a judgement so I tasted it.

Now this elixir is made from Barley, Honey, Moscat Grapes, and Saffron, sounds appealing, no? After I thought about it I realized what this really was: it basically combines Beer (Barley), Wine (Moscat Grapes), Mead (Honey), and Spiced Rum (Saffron). Going on that logic I learned one very important fact, King Midas did not use his golden touch on this brew. It tasted as if someone has soaked month-old gym socks in boiling water, added some wheat germ for color, then honey so it would carbonate and spice it up a bit, then added wine to up the proof to mask the flavor. This was some nasty mixture, then it started to grow on me, and then it got worse. Kat thought that it may need to be warm, seeing as how they did not have anything to cool it 3,000 years ago. So I warmed it, and I could taste toe fungus. So $15, literally, went down the damn drain.

On an interesting side note, they believe that this brew was actually imbibed during funerals. So it really shouldn’t be consumed except at funerals, because it does make you want to die.

All in all I still believe that beer sucks for the most part and that cider is the way to go.

Midas Touch gets a 2 out of 5 bottle cap rating. Partly for the taste, partly for the ridiculous price, and partly because Dog Fishhead has single handedly killed an amazing legend in my eyes. It was going receive a 1 out of 5, but they did do some cool molecular analytical stuff to get the recipe, which earns them bonus points.

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  1. Tim

    This is probably my LEAST favorite Dogfish Head brew…actually, not probably, it is.

    Stay tuned, November will bring their World Wide Stout..not to mention the Chicory Stout in December. For year-round tastiness, go w/ the 90 Minute IPA.

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