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The Hunger: A Series of Horror, Pt. 3

by on Oct.24, 2007, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

Kristina Thomas’ sneakers made just a hint of echo as she walked down corridor B of the Sound Haven nursing home. “Black and white tiles” she thought to herself. “Who came up with the idea that black and white checkered tiles were supposed to be fucking soothing?”

She kept her thought’s in her head however,in these narrow hallways this late at night talking always reminded her of whistling in a tomb. She was striding with a purpose, her watch said 11:55 P.M and that meant her 12 hour shift was 5 minutes from ending. All she had to do was make it to the nurses station and clock out before any of the hundreds of things that could go wrong in such a place did go wrong.

As she approached the station at the end of the corridor she heard a buzzing noise and knew that her escape wouldn’t be happening now. She looked down at the light panel to see which room needed attention and was perplexed when she saw that the red light was flashing next to the words “morgue.” Just then Jeremy, one of the orderlies on duty, came walking up.

“Whoa, I’ve never seen that happen before.” he said.

“Yeah, the only alert button that’s down there is on the basement door as an alarm…You don’t think someone broke in do you?” Kristina asked.

“Hell no, there’s a security guard posted at all time’s, the alarms just a precaution that the insurance company wanted put in. I’ll go check it out just in case.” He started to walk away then stopped. “You better come with me, only nursing staff can get into the morgue.”

“Sure,” Kristina said as an unexplained chill ran up her spine.

As they neared the elevator leading down to the basement Kristina started feeling more and more apprehensive. “What the fuck is the matter with me?” she thought. “I go to the morgue all the time, shake it off!”

Sound Haven was part of Richmond Hills Hospital and they shared a morgue, it was nothing for one of Kristina’s patients to die. She witnessed it all the time. Still, she had a very real sense of apprehension.

Jeremy and Kristina entered the elevator and Jeremy pressed the button marked “B”. Neither one of them said a word as the car traveled down into the depths of the building. After working together for so long small talk seemed pointless. The only noises to be heard were the soft whine of the elevator cables and the apprehensive voice screaming in Kristina’s head, “Stop the elevator. Now!!!”

Once again, she ignored the voice.

The elevator doors opened to complete darkness except for what looked like a flashlight laying on the floor at the end of the hallway. Its beam was shining off the white tiles and Kristina could see a slight reflection off the glass door that lead into the morgue.

“What the hell?” Jeremy muttered under his breath.

“HELLO, ANYONE DOWN HERE?” he yelled. The only answer from the dark was a whispering sound of slight movement.

“This is weird, none of the lights down here are on switches so the only way to turn them off or on is at the breaker and even then the emergency lights should come on. Maybe we should go back up and get security, ” said Kristina.

“No, there’s a security room at the end of this hallway,there should be someone there,he’s probably trying to get the light’s back on,” Jeremy said.

Something passed in front of the light and the flashlight moved a little.

“Hello!” Kristina asked the darkness as her uneasiness growing larger by the second.

“I still think we should…”Kristina started to say when all of a sudden whoever was at the other end of the hallway picked up the flashlight and shined it in Jeremy and Kristina’s eyes.

“Come on, quit fucking around, whats going on down here?!”Jeremy said while shielding his eyes.

“Hahahahahahaha…” a female voice laughed behind the light. “No one’s fucking with you Jeremy, in fact no one gives a fuck for you at all down here, you’re not needed.” With that the flashlight flew through the air and smacked Jeremy between the eyes knocking him out.

A hand grabbed Kristina out of the darkness and something clubbed her in the head. As she slipped into a blackout she heard the womans voice say, “Through the eyes of innocence my darkness will prevail…”

-to be continued

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