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Nerds With Beer: Adventures in PA. Land

by on Oct.19, 2007, under Nerds With Beer, Reviews

Written by Zanny, syndicated Nerds With Beer Writer

So I recently took a trip up to PA to meet some long lost family. The Plan was to fly in, hang out in the airport and grab a bite to eat with my aunt and cousin, while waiting for my dad’s flight to arrive…

So I got off the plane, met my family, and we went to a bar and grill in the airport. We promptly started drinking. Oh, Family. My dad and his girlfriend get off their flight about an hour later and we form a plan. Part ways, do a few things with my cousin and meet the rest of the family back at my aunt’s house in a few hours. To the bar! More drinks. We met up with my dad and aunt and a few of their friends at my aunt’s house for some food and, of course, more drinks.

A few hours later I’m on my way to my hotel. As I’m walking to my room I pass the hotel bar. More drinks!

The next day had a little less drinking but there was still some later that night.

So you can see the theme of this trip. Anyway, let’s talk about this bar that my cousin works at.


Spacious, karaoke on Tuesdays, awesome bartenders, nice look and feel, 200 BEERS! Yes, I said it, 200 beers. They have four 6′ tall coolers in the back with about 200 different types of beers. I WAS IN HEAVEN! My girlfriend had given me some snacks, a notebook, and a crossword book to take on the plane with me. This came greatly in handy when I started drinking.

The following will be the beers that I tried, well, at least the ones I was sober enough to write about….

Orange Blossom Cream Ale

Buffalo Bills Brewery – Orange Blossom Cream Ale

It has a pale orangey color, almost flat golden and it is a pretty clear ale.

It has the aroma of a toned down life saver, with a hint of beer back ground. And some orange peel in there somewhere.

Its kind of a sweet ale, it tastes pretty nice. It has a little bit of sour in the back of the mouth but not too much. It tastes like orange peel-cream, with a sweet-bitter niceness. It doesn’t actually have the thickness of a cream at all, but has the flavor a little.

It’s like a Hop had sex with an orange, and I think we know where the cream came from. It’s a little harsh with carbonation though, which can be annoying but it’s ok for now. Overall I would say this one is pretty good.

Wild Raspberry Ale Great Divide Brewing Company – Wild Raspberry Ale

It has a slightly Red Wine / Golden color to it. It’s a little dark, but that’s mostly because red liquids tend to be for the most part.

I can’t really smell anything from this one; I’ve been drinking a lot so my sense of smell might be a little dulled.

It has a strong hoppy flavor. A 50/50 bitter sweetness to it and a very delicious berry aftertaste. It leaves my mouth feeling quite nice and smooth. This one doesn’t have very much carbonation, which makes me quite happy.

I definitely think this is one of the better drinks of the night.


Let’s prefaces this with saying I only got this because I wanted the nice dark green swing-top bottle.

So Grolsch tastes like dirt water. It’s pretty bitter, I can’t taste any sweetness in this at all. Maybe if I drank like 7 I would start to like them. I think I would first have to drink a lot so I can’t taste those 7, because that would make me pretty sick to have to drink 7 Grolsch.

16oz of crap. Great Bottle!

PearWood Chuck Draft Cider – Pear!!

This cider, like most, is a nice clear yellow golden color. Kind of like pee. It looks like cider to me.

It smells like a tasty fuzzy delicious pear with some apple-y goodness mixed in. A pear is somewhere in the apple family anyway so this is ok.

It has a very sweet apple-pear kind of a flavor. Very Nice. This one is tastier than the pale, the pale is a little sourer. It is smooth at first but pretty carbonated once you get down to it. You drink 5 of these and your bound to burp up a little foam. I don’t seem to taste any bitterness in this one at all. I am quite impressed.

What exactly does “Naturally Fermented In The Green Mountains” mean anyway? It means delicious Fucking Cider. YEA!!


This one is a Deep Golden/Amber in color. It looks like something I would like to drink.

Most Rennies (Renaissance Fair people) seem to like it, so I figure I probably will to.

Out of the tap Bass has produced about a 1″ head. This means nothing to me, I don’t really like head all that much (on a beer, don’t get mouthy with me).

It has a sort of metallic almost sweet kind of smell to it.

I have had Bass before but usually when I drink it, it’s because someone gave it to me after me getting drunk. And at that point I stop being able to taste things.

I’m a little surprised here, it’s not actually very good in my opinion. It’s not too terribly bad, I will drink it again, but I don’t prefer it by any means. It is a little tiny bit sweet, kind of. It is mostly rather bitter, almost sour, not too bad, I guess it grows on you as you’re drinking it.

It tastes like a not so good dark beer. Whatever, I guess I have no bad or good feelings towards this one.

WeiBberVeldensteiner – WeiBber

This one has a very light golden color, rather clear. It’s nice looking.

It definitely has a strong wheat smell, with a little metallic hint to it as well.

This beer has a very hearty cabbage/cereal kind of flavor. This is the kind of flavor I might associate with a thick beer, but it isn’t thick at all. Its very carbonated and that makes it a little hard to drink, especially since I’m very thirsty so I’m drinking fast.

It has a fair amount of head, of this I’m not very fond (see previous head comment).

At first I was about to pour it out, but instead I kept on. It kinda started to grow on me. I would drink more if I had some other beers first.

Flip-Top bottle. Another keeper.

Chocolate StoutRogue – Chocolate Stout

This one is very dark in color, a lot more so then Guinness, almost black actually. Its very interesting looking to me.

Like some others tonight, it seems to have a slightly metallic aroma to me. It might be due to my blood alcohol level, but hey, I keep on.

It’s a very strong burnt chocolate-beer flavor. Also it seams to have a slightly metallic flavor. I’m not entirely fond of this one. It is actually pretty gross, I don’t think I can finish this one.

The Bartender walks by and comments:

“Hmmm…Smells like molasses”

She sips it…

“OH…That’s Horrible, You Want Something Else?”

Yes. Yes I Do!

Snake Dog IPAFlying Dog – Snake Dog IPA

(India Pale Ale)

It has a nice dark golden color to it. It looks like it might be a tasty beverage.

I can’t really smell anything at this point so, ya know, bear with me.

This is a very bitter ale. (VERY)

It actually tastes pretty damn bad. Kind of like a bad boiled vegetable. It seems to leave a bit of a vomit flavor in the back of my throat.

This one is really bad. Garbage, it’s just garbage to me.

I’m told IPA’s are terrible. (Why wasnt I informed of this before I drank it?)

Circus BoyMagic Hat – Circus Boy

This Beer has a rather cloudy golden color.

In a strange, but not necessarily a bad way, this kind of smells like hand soap.

This beer has a slightly fruity, yet more flavorful, Budweiser kind of flavor to it. It’s less watery then Budweiser though. Not bad at all.

Very tasty indeed. Let’s try another Magic Hat…

9Magic Hat – #9

This one has a moderately clear golden-brown, almost orangish color. Looks pretty nice.

It has a very sweet to the point beer smell. I like the aroma of this one.

It has an interesting mix of flavors. It’s a sort of ginger-wheat flavor, with strong hop undertones.

It’s very smooth and interesting. It goes down nicely. (Side note: while editing this entry, Kat resisted VERY HARD against adding something lewd after this last line. Zanny, you totally owe her one.)

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