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Nerds With Beer: Beer vs. Blood: Dracula Battles de BoomGaard Tropicale

by on Oct.12, 2007, under Nerds With Beer, Reviews

Written by Kat, syndicated Nerds With Beer Writer

On occasion I have been known to act much like a hermit crab and hide inside my little apartment all by myself, with the lights out, perfectly content with doing nothing. Every now and then a little glimmer of happiness will appear via the mailbox and to my surprise the Netflix DVD I ordered will arrive. The addition of a movie or television series I have been anticipating greatly enhances my likelihood to be a hermit crab and enhances the quality of my hermit-like behavior. At that point I am able to live as a hermit but experience life vicariously through the PS2 and television which enables me to view the DVDs. Ah yes, at that point, life is grand.

One such night occurred recently and I found myself cuddled under a blanket watching “The Satanic Rites of Dracula” starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing circa 1974. There is nothing better than really cheesy 1970’s vampire movies with really amazing actors in them. At some point during the movie I determined I was thirsty. I paused the movie and meandered over to the refrigerator. I rummaged a bit. One can of Wild Cherry Pepsi left, a half gallon of rather questionable chocolate soy milk, a few bottles of water, and, to my delight, the bottle of mango flavored lambic David had left in my apartment from his most recent trip to Florida. Obviously, I went for the lambic.

I studied the bottle a bit. It was green (for some reason most bottles lambic comes in are green) with a pull out cork and a wire thingy holding the cork in. The label read: “de BoomGaard Tropicale” and apparently came from Liefman’s Breweries Dentergem, Belgium “Belgian beer with spices and mango juice”. Oh yes, I was excited. I untwisted the wire contraption covering the cork and then spent the next 3 minutes trying to pull the cork out. After three minutes passed I realized I would have to actually use a corkscrew, pondered as to if I owned a corkscrew, then decided if I did it must be in one of my cabinets. As it turns out my $3.97 Hobo Tool from Walmart happened to have a corkscrew on it and I was able to open my wonderful beverage of mystery.

Unable to find a glass to pour the beer into, I drank straight from the bottle. First I let the powerful aroma of mango evade my nostrils as it escaped out of the bottle. Then I took the most anticipated first sip. Oh sheer delight! The taste was a very warming mango flavor and pleasantly bubbly. It danced on my tongue more so than squid ice cream dances on the tongues of the judges on Iron Chef. So yes, the flavor was very true to the description on the bottle. Mangos at Christmas time would have been a bit catchier than “spices and mango juice” though. It would have paired well with peach cobbler.

Content with my beverage choice I went back to my bed to continue watching my cheesy movie (I feel compelled to note that Christopher Lee makes one hell of a Dracula). I was studying the bottle some more when I noticed little bits of something floating around towards the bottom. Now, I’m not a stranger to things floating around in my alcohol. I am very familiar with unfiltered beers and sake. These things were much larger than what I normally see. Curious, I went and grabbed a clear bowl to dump the rest of the beer into so that I could study the pieces.

The pieces I found were a half inch to an inch long and very slimy. Every time I went to grab one it would slide around my fingers. I was about to grab forceps and a Petri dish but had to come out of my scientific bubble when I realized I was not in a lab. I grabbed a straw instead and continued drinking the very intriguing liquid.

Overall I was very happy with deBoomGaard Tropicale but would only recommend it if you are not scared of random slimy bits floating around which, upon research, are apparently just bits of real mango. It gets the Kat Stamp of Deliciousness. Even Count Dracula might give up blood for a day and drink it instead (hehehe, I’m so cheesy).

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