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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: TLP Explained Again

by on Oct.11, 2007, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

Ok, I lied. I will admit it. David informed me that TLP does not stand for Tender Luscious Pancakes (TLP), and I should not write posts at 3:30 in the morning sobering up at Denny’s eating breakfast. I went back to the drawing board, and hacked into David’s computer to find out what TLP means. Thank you for SSH access. Now, I am pissed. This whole time TLP stood for Totally Lame Podcast (TLP). I am offended I think, but let me walk me through his logic here, which he bulleted in a list:

* We do not use I-Tunes
* We stress the website more than the show
* We make material for venues only
* We give our best content away

We Do Not Use I-Tunes:
I do not own an I-pod nor do I know how I-tunes work. I am sure David does not own an I-pod either. I have yet to give anyone accurate instructions on how to subscribe to our shows on I-tunes either. I guide fans towards the RSS or E-mail methods. The way I get my Podcasts is by streaming straight off their site, or by downloading an mp3 file. If you have a Podcast only available through I-tunes, I can safely say I have never heard you. In that regard, I am not sure how the term Podcast is even applicable to what we do.

We Stress the Website More Than the Show:
Having worked for a newspaper for six years, we set up the website like a newspaper. The website has articles, comics, and features that are not even in the episodes. People tell me all the time they read SH/SP, and love the way we defiled national monuments with Miguel. None of this content appears in our show, and we only occasionally reference them in the show. Some of the same people that love the written content on the website have yet to listen to the show. The radio show is only one piece of what we do. Again, we fail here as a Podcaster.

We Make Material for Venues Only:
We make mixed tapes for venues and audio flyers to play instead of CDS & WAAA. We do not air these promotional materials on our show unless we have decided to take a week off, and we bribe others to voice Miguel for us. With our schedules, this week off will not happen until November. If you do not go to the venues, you will not get to hear them. Again, we have neglected our podcasting duties to promote our material on the internet.

We Give Our Best Content Away:
Sometimes our content is so good; how good is it? It is so good; we do not want to air it. Instead, we give it to the other shows to air. While we should be proud and voice our best material on our show, we share instead. We dropped the ball on our own Podcast to support other Podcasts instead. These mini-TLPs kick ass, and you should find them in the other shows that air them. Where do you find that list? The list is on the website to find the other Podcasts.

I agree with David, TLP is a Totally Lame Podcast.

6 comments for this entry:
  1. David

    And the casual observer would know you have never used iTunes or an iPod because of the way you hyphenate the names.

  2. Donkey

    eye-pod,what the fuck is an eye-pod?!

  3. LeoCain

    I guess my ignorance paid off. I don’t even care enough to know how to spell them.

    However, I-phones are the next RZRs, and when they drop in price to $50 like my RZR did, then I’ll probably buy one as long a I can put Linux on it. Wait, I already have a Nokia with Linux on it.

    6 Days until the Gibbon! Yeah, I went there.


  4. David

    I wonder how many other music podcasts are counting down to a Ubuntu Linux release date. Yeah, I called it a podcast, even if its totally lame!

  5. Bob

    Podcasting doesn’t mean it’s limited to iPod, it’s just a generic term for what we do here in regards to the music.

    One of these days, I’mma get me those shoes Apple’s comin’ out with: iRan.

  6. David

    What the “i” mean anyway? Did it just replace the “e” everything? Should we look out for the “o”-noun next?

    Hmm, maybe we can start calling OpenSource Projects with the “o”. I want an oPhone, running linux, and completely hardware hackable.

    I would suggest the o-cast, but I think the pr0n industry has already got that one.

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