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The Hunger: A Series of Horror

by on Oct.10, 2007, under Articles, The Hunger

Envisioned by Dan.

“I must eat” a sweet, yet TOO sweet sounding voice said as a sickly, grinding crunching and chewing noise permeated the background of Jason’s dream. The voice, like the sound was sickening, unbearable yet with an underlying unstoppable sound to it.” I must feed Jason, I’m famished, hahahahahahahaha!”

The grotesque eating sounds were replaced with the most bloodcurdling, almost inhuman screams that Jason had ever heard,in or out of his dreamscapes. As the screams grew louder and louder they reached a crescendo and as this peak was reached the blackness all around Jason that he had failed to notice until now was replaced by images of mutilated corpses. An obese man with his stomach ripped open and his neck broken from the force of his entrails being used as a noose. His strangulation had been performed so brutally that both eye balls had bulged so far out of his head that one had popped and was hanging bloated and sightless against his cheek. A young woman consumed by fire, not from the outside but from deep inside her own body, her blood and other bodily fluids had boiled to the point that her unburnt skin was covered with millions of tiny cesspools that spewed their fiery tails of slow death torture. These and millions of other equally disturbing images of horror, torture, and excruciating death ran and skittered in and out of Jason’s dream view.

A part of him knew that he had to be dreaming but at the same time he recognized that at least part of these images and the faceless voice laughing in the background were rooted in reality, they just had an entirely too tangible quality to them to be anything his mind could make up. “Hahahahahaha” the voice tittered, getting louder and more insistent as all of a sudden the images disappeared just as suddenly as they had manifested. The screams were once again silent and were replaced by the eating sounds.

“You will know the time and the place Jason, just remember these words and know that when you utter them,you will be spared my insatiable hunger…Through the eyes of innocence, my darkness will prevail, through sickness, strife, and moral decay they will see the demon unveil, with my thirst for blood and hunger for flesh, their fate I will decide, one by one infect them all and consume them in my stride…hahahahahahahahahahaha!”

The screams started again, this time filling his head completely and deafeningly and with the screams came an image that seemed just as real as if he was actually witnessing it,he was standing in a crowd of the dead, all in various stages of agony. The man standing next to him looked as if he was melting, folds of skin hung loosely from the tips of his outstretched hands and as Jason watched the man tried to speak “bones…motherfucker ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” the last of his scream came out as a fountain of gurgling blood and to Jason’s horror he saw the mans skin melt off his bones completely, it was like watching someone take off a Halloween mask only instead of revealing a face this mans unmasking only left a sizzling and acid burned skeleton with a skull caught up in it’s eternal scream.

Similar acts of excruciating demise were happening all around him, hundreds if not thousands of people were dying unthinkable deaths and Jason could do no more than watch. Blood and other fluids flowed in rivers until they all met up to form a grisly saturating lake. The room began to fill with it just as it was also filled with the scent of shit,piss fear and unimaginable horror. Jason looked down and saw that his bare feet were now up to the ankles in blood, he looked around for somewhere he could escape and for the first time noticed that there was a bar, he ran for it and jumped on top of it.

As he did this the previously unnoticed doors and windows burst open and blood poured into the room. He looked down and saw that the level had risen to about half way up the bar, severed limbs and heads floated to the surface each one distorted into final screams of agony. The flood was raging now and the blood level had risen over the bar, Jason was now up to his waist in it. He tried to scream but all he heard was that horrible, demon laughter. Before he could close his mouth it filled with blood and right before his ears were covered he heard the demon whisper in it’s beckoning voice “Remember Jason, remember the words I told you hahahahahahahahahahaha.”

-to be continued…

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