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TLP s02e04: Rocking & Rolling

by on Oct.09, 2007, under Podcast, TLP Show

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Featured Songs:

Braam – Intoxication / Broken Frame – Bleeding / Little Mojo – Circles / Miggs – Perfect / Revolution Void – Oldskool Breaks Mix

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Rocky from In Violent Sleep – With her song “A Tragedy” featured in the Mr. Bella Episode and soon to be interviewed herself in an upcoming TLP episode it just made sense to have her sit in for this interview with the line-ups. You guys get tired of Dave and my voice, so I decided to surprise you with some guests from around town that support the local music scene by attending shows on a regular basis. As a warning, Jason from Eight Fingered Larry, when I interview Rocky, you will be the one conducting the interview.

Boxilla from the D.O.O.D. – With his song, “11 Cent Solution” featured in the Gallery Billiards Episode and a large proponent of the Sarasota Music scene, he busted his ass for 3 weeks leading up to Family Values Tour to promote 5fdp. He publically states that Ivan from 5fdp is one of his top influences as a singer, and after the interview it became apparent why.

Why we chose:

Five Finger Death Punch – Probably my favorite single off my favorite nationally released album for 2007 from people who I have been following and reporting on their whole career in music. If you listen to the song, you will hear their pain. If you watch the video, you will see their pain. If you listen to the interview, you will feel their pain.

Epicourse – Having played their tunes in episodes past on both TLP and the Brutal Backhand, I already knew our listeners liked the band. Having seen them again for the second time live, I couldn’t help myself and let you guys in on the inner workings of their band as they prepared for a label showcase.

Shortfall – It Rocks and it Rolls, and it comes from the UK. Since we are a worldly venture, and some would say universal venture, we have to rock and roll across the land.

Kessler – See The Secret State Reason.

The Secret State (Old artist name: Feedback) – Back in the days of Courier and Decade I tried to get a two band summer touring interview. The nuances of traveling in a group across country are dauntingly small with two groups doing the same feat. Due to the trouble of the road Courier never made it down for the interview, and I have tried to get that interview ever since. Four attempts later this interview was in the making and my grail for the summer. This interview is the war story of two bands on the road for months on end with no one but each other, two vans, and two trailers to keep themselves company. That list and a pizza.

TransEra – These guys were street teaming Family Values Tour in Tampa, and they had business cards. Having heard of TransEra at the time, but never having heard TransEra, I decided to take a chance and ask for a demo to spin blindly on the station. That song was placed into the TLP 6pk #000 without me screening or listening to it first. I wanted it to be fresh to me. TransEra is featured on a Clearchannel WAAA station out here, so I can’t say I brought you their music first, unless you happen to live outside of the 50 mile radius of Tampa. FthatS, I proudly state, “New music from a Tampa up and coming local band, and you heard it on the TLP FIRST.”

Noted Links:
Five Finger Death Punch – The Bleeding Video
Deathwish Radio
Doom Radio
Hadag Nachash
Coffee Break Spanish
Accident Hash
Jack Mangan’s “Sixteen Pieces at a Time”
Daily Source Code
On The Media
Bicycle Safety

5 comments for this entry:
  1. Jack H

    I thought I would apologize for the cause of the bike wreck. David what kind of bike?

    Should I come up with a disclaimer now…

  2. David

    LOL. No worries. Its been a week, and I am mostly healed. I was just so enthralled with your production of Jack Mangan’s story.

    I was riding a Trek 1500, my first major wipe out on it, and its only a couple months old. But just some cosmetic damage, nothing major. When I am back home i will be riding again.

  3. LeoCain

    I’d say come up with a disclaimer.

    Though, I’m mastering the art of the oneliner, and see great value in disclaimers.


  4. Jason

    Dammit, it’s Eight Fingered Larry, not “8 Finger Larry”

    Now is this interview you’re talking about the one I already did at the 8FL/IVS/On Edge show or something I’m going to be doing in the future?

  5. LeoCain

    Shhhh…. It’s the interview for the episode in 2 weeks. It hasn’t happened yet, (hint, hint, wink, wink).

    Fixed the Band name. Magik of editing after a post, and a side effect to no internet all week. Everything’s back in business now though except for my dignity, my pride, and my feeling of self-worth.


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