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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Egos and Sado-Masochism

by on Sep.20, 2007, under Sharing the Hate

The trouble with egos is they tend to get out of hand. The first problem arises when people elevate themselves to a level of importance greater than an insect. The second problem is when the immediate circle of friends feed into the lies created by that person. When problem one meets problem two the ego develops, or an ant colony is formed.

From there, stupidity and arrogance will fuel it, and blind ignorance will keep the ego aflame. By the time this article posts two strong bridges made over the summer will be nothing more than forgotten ash and charred cinders. Consider this passage a eulogy to the damaging effect of egos, and a tribute to those unnamed individuals.

A general heuristic to ponder is the theory, “If not me, then someone else.” That is a good theory to live life by and realize that nothing you do will ever have an impact in the grand scheme. Someone has done exactly what you are doing before you, and many will do exactly what you are doing after you. If you are smart, you will learn from these people, and you will take their experience into consideration to hone your craft, and make yourself better. Notice, I did not say the best, only better. If you are the best at some task, then you will waste countless hours defending your position. The king of the mountain does not enjoy the hill they have claimed, they only barricade themselves from the onslaught of others trying to capture their flag.

One of the most depressing sites to behold is the look of a band’s manager when they are on a bill with a national act, which is inferior in skill and professionalism to the opening act. The manager is filled with rage and torment over the fact that their band should be the one on tour, the one with the guarantee, and the one where others have to sell 50 tickets for the privilege of playing with them. You know what? It is about connections and not skill. That manager should try to talk to the band and find out what the band did to get where they are. If the ego takes hold, the manager will hold resentment, and lose an opportunity to help their band in the process.

Original ideas are about as false of a concept as being able to write an original songs. Bands try to claim individuality by diluting the genre term to the point where they are too hard to classify. Then these bands wonder why no one shows up to their show, because no one can figure out what they sound like. No one wants unique, they want palatable, and they want familiar. If you want to be original, then call yourself experimental, and fit in with the other people who claim that level of originality.

When you strike originality, you have just made yourself a tough sale. No one will touch you. Radio shows are typically split into broad genres for a reason: These shows cater to niche tastes in their chosen audience demographics.

They say you wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and black after. Was this saying an ode to beating the heat, or mourning the transgressions of the past?

What about my ego? Well those that know me, have heard me say, “If not me, then someone else.” If they didn’t hear me say it, well I’m willing to bet they have heard someone else tell them first.

Go ahead and listen to my two radio shows. Statistically speaking, considering the number of people on the internet, they do not even exist. No one will notice when they are gone either.

In reality, when they are gone, you will listen to someone else’s show. Actually correction, you are probably already listening to other peoples’ shows, and I’m very thankful that you take time out of your schedule to listen to ours.

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