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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Stupid Questions

by on Sep.06, 2007, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

They often say that there are no stupid questions, and at this point I’d like to disagree with whoever said that statement. The dumbest question a band could possibly ask is when a band asks a BAR that makes all their money from ALCOHOL if they can hold an all ages show. Especially if the bar is set up to give the band the door money and keep the profits from what is sold that night.

Here is the breakdown on the numbers for you:
Typically a bar will add 2 dollars to the cover charge to make up for the fact that people between 18 and 20 will be there. Then the bar will charge an extra dollar for a cup of water, and not allow reentry for those people. This practice is standard and how the bar attempts to make money from these kids. If you bring 100 kids between the ages of 13 to 20 then the bar makes at most $250 to $300 in a night. The bartenders tend to get angry as well at those figures, because who tips on a cup of tap water that costs $1?

In contrast here is another set of numbers for you:
Typically a bar will sell a draft beer that costs them at most thirty-five cents for about $4 to $6. That’s at least $3 in profit on one beer. Most people are good for 2 up to 5 drinks in a night. Safely a drinking head in bar counts for up to $15 in profit for the bar. Multiply that figure by the 50 to 100 people in the bar, you end up with at least $1000 to $2000 in revenue from a decent show, not counting overhead expenses for running the place.

Think about those numbers the next time a bar manager says, good show and hands you $50 bucks for you 45 minute long set.

When you say your demographic is mostly under 21 and you want to hold a show in a bar, you are asking them to take a $1,500 loss for that night, not to mention the fact that most towns now have curfews, and the bar has to close by eleven or midnight. At least, the they can cycle their regulars through, if they have regulars to make some money after the show is over.

The second stupidest question out there would have to be the 15 year old who asks their parents for permission to go to a bar to see a show. Kids do not belong in bars. They belong in skate parks, community centers, and convention centers. These places typically sell food. Adults feel uneasy getting drunk around kids. Call it maturity, or call it responsibility, or call it fear of accidentally trying to pick up a 13 year old, but adults drink less at all ages shows.

The middle ground would be a pool hall or bowling alley, which could go either way as far as the type of crowds that they attract. The place is typically safe enough for children, and the venue makes money from food and renting lanes or tables. They do not only make money from alcohol, and the over 21 crowds are segregated from the 20 and under crowds as well.

Moral to this short story, is ask a stupid question, and receive a backhand from me.

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  1. Dan Sterling

    Something I’d like to add,consider the saying “The drunker you get the better we sound”,I’ve heard it a million time’s and hell I’ve said it myself many times.This statement is very true even if it is said jokingly and with an all ages show it goes completely out the window.

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