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TLP s01e05: With Our Apologies

by on Jul.31, 2007, under Podcast, TLP Show

Featured Interviews:

Sudden Death

Featured Songs:


  • Luminous Flesh Giants – ZnieczulajÄ…ce dziaÅ‚anie codziennoÅ›ci (Insensibility of common day)

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Why we chose:

Military Junior – I will state to the public that I made a mistake. I thought that Military Junior sounded like the rest of the bill when I went to their show. Far from it. They were very melodic compared to the hxc lineup. Not having time to listen to their submitted track, I continued to think they were heavy for most of the night. I asked them for a lighter track for the TLP, and Eric gave me Dwell. Now I just have to figure out where to stick Anodyne.

Dolt – Here we have a prime example of what an active manager can do for his bands. He was actually the first person to contact me with a song. Their manager gave me a song from A Moment Alone, and then he asked if I wanted Dolt too. I was besides myself when I found out he represented these line-ups. With his choice in bands, I’ll play whatever he wants to promote. Thank you Todd, and keep them coming.

Paradigm – “It’s all in a name.” That should be TLP David’s motto for when he decides to listen to an artist when they use the submission page. I’m keeping track too. If he likes your band name, he’ll listen to your song. Once he likes you, your song will definitely appear in the TLP. That leaves me no choice but to ask the band for a second song. David, this summer might be poaching season for Insomnia Radio, but that just means that Paradigm makes out in the long run. Look for Broken on the Brutal Backhand.

Doll Sex – Quite honestly, we both love this band’s music. The music is something that rips you off the back of your chair, throws you up against the wall, and guts you with a butcher knife. That sentence being said, we both were scared to play it on the TLP since the song is a bit heavier than most we play. The compromise was to put the song in a heavy episode at the end.

Luminous Flesh Giants – This song captured a lot of the feelings expressed in this episode. It was used as a musicbed, but we will feature another song from them in the future.


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3 comments for this entry:
  1. Leo Cain

    In this episode I make reference to the fact that I was thrown out of a venue. That statement is very true. After my interview with Ekotren, 4 large individuals ensured that I left the premise.

    This venue was a rented community center that was neither prepared to handle a hxc show, nor were they prepared to deal with the media who showed up to cover the event. The community center had a summer camp of 150 ten year old kids cowering in fear in the corner for most of the night. The staff kept this fact a secret, and scrambled to protect them from 500+ straight edge core kids in the pit. I might be a small guy, but when I drive 2.5 hours to interview a band, I’m not going to accept no for an answer. I don’t care who you are.

  2. Jay

    Good show guys. Kinda crappy about Sudden Death’s label not allowing their song to be played. I believe I remember talking about that with you Leo… Perhaps you should retitle their interview as, “How to be Excited about Indentured Servitude.”

  3. irsocal

    Nice job. I think I found a new favorite in Military Junior.

    Its a shame about Sudden Death as they seem like they wanted to promote the hell out of their music.

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