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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Dead Space

by on Jul.12, 2007, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

Reclaim your venues. Locals and independents have let corporate WAAA and Satellite into their local nights for far too long. Where is your own custom change over music? Where is your independent label compilation CD? Where is a mixed CD of several local bands promoting local music on and off stage?You complain no one has ever heard of you, and you do not try to have venues play your music when you are not there.

Nationals control every aspect of their show from sound check until their roadie team locks the trailer, and you should too. Start with the elements you have the most control over, which are your stage show, and the music played in the venue.

When you are an average patron in a venue for a local night, the band change over sections can be quite painful. You usually see one of three scenarios:

A) The Random National Band CD from start to finish set to repeat;
B) The WAAA or XSiriM;
C) Silence, because the venue expects you to put money in the jukebox

Option A: Your sound person just bought that brand new 45 minute CD from his favorite national act. You hear the first four songs on the album repeatedly while he changes over bands. This trend lasts until he buys another CD. Even if you wanted to hear the rest of the CD, most national bands only have filler tracks after number 5. He is doing you a favor with putting 1 to 4 on repeat. Hell, the whole album sounds the same regardless.

Option B is a pleasant alternative. However, there are commercials every ten minutes. Usually these commercials are for car dealerships, restaurants, other bars, and non-witty banter from the jocks on remote at other bars. If a venue wants to waste their time advertising for their competition, at least the music changes when there is music playing.

Point out the flaws to a bar manager in Option A and B, and they will welcome your change over music.

The funniest option is C, because they expect me to put $5 dollars in the jukebox for them to turn it off half way through my first song. Sometimes people go months before realizing the jukebox is on when no one uses it. I prefer Option C to Option A any day though. Silence allows me to chat with people, while option A makes me want to puke acid on the sound cable hoping it will eat through the wiring.

What am I doing to put a stop to this trend? I am taking demos collected and making mixed tapes for the sound people to spin. Once every six weeks I will swap out their tapes with new ones for fresh tunes. Each venue will receive three to four tapes to choose from for variety. That is about 60 songs with each tape being about 74 minutes long.

If you want on board, I suggest you start giving me permission to play your songs on the station. I released Volume series 1 this weekend to about 4 venues. Once the venues start using these tapes, I will list them on the website for people to see the venues that truly support unsigned and independent music.

If you are a venue or a sound person, and you want in on these mixed tapes, just contact me through the website. Just remember to hit pause and not stop on the CD player between bands so the whole tape plays through the course of the night. We will get these Cds to you.

If you are a band, you are probably sick of seeing this link by now, but feel free to use it:

Just for kicks, and before David even figures out what is going on, I’m going to list out the First Two Tapes here for you now:

Disk 1 – Alternative Rock

1. Framing Hanley – Hear Me Now
2. Atomic Tangerine – Gravity
3. Mumpsy – 64 Colors
4. Tailgunner Joe and the Earls of Slander – The Street
5. Tears in the Sahara – When it Comes to You
6. The Dark Romantics – She’s a Fire
7. Culture of Greed – Scattered
8. The Yellow Team – The Tracks
9. Typhoid Mary – Take Shelter
10. Thoreau – Capilary
11. Vega Under Fire – September
12. Standback – Shake it For You
13. Wonderful Johnson – Tell Me
14. Roppongi’s Ace – So It Goes
15. Voxtrot – Kid Gloves
16. The Same – Right Before We Left
17. Ekotren – Falling
18. Wedgepiece – The Stamp Collector

Disc 1 – Hard Rock

1. Primitive Astronauts – WWW
2. Dolt – The Gift
3. Mr. Bella – Turn it Around
4. KY Deity – Believe
5. Paradigm – Broken
6. Elysium – Prozac
7. Deadstar Assembly – Killing Myself Again
8. Fable – Awakening
9. Ekotren – Point of View
10. Gargamel – Cold and Twitchy
11. On Edge – Wrong
12. Military Junior – Anodyne
13. Area 51 – Propaganda Induced Patriotism
14. Epicourse – My Turn
15. In Violent Sleep – A Tragedy
16. Unkempt – Of Martyrs and the Broken Hearted
17. Broken Center – Deception
18. Croxing – Seven

Disc 1 – HXC/Metal
Coming Next Week due to content collection in Sarasota on Saturday, July 14th, 2007 at 9:00 p.m.

News Flash: TLP Remote at Gallery Billiards in Sarasota, Florida, where you can submit your demo to me in person and ask me questions about Internet Radio and Podcasting.

Saturday July 14th, 2007 at 9:00 P.M. until Close.
Gallery Billiards
1925 Northgate Blvd.
Sarasota, Florida 34234

I will thank Ray from Syfur in advance for use of his couch.

The very first venue to receive and play these tapes is:

The Pegasus Lounge
10008 N 30th St.
Tampa, Florida 33612

If you are a band, you can leave your demo at the Pegasus Lounge for me. I would like to thank the sound people Area 51’s Nate, Bob, and door staff Norman of the Pegasus for allowing me this courtesy.

P.S. I won’t tell these bands until Monday or Tuesday of next week, feel free to tell them first before I have a chance to.

6 comments for this entry:
  1. irsocal

    Nice innovative ideas here… esp. the ability to puke acid.

  2. LeoCain

    I developed the ability to puke acid as a young child, and use it every now and then like a sea cucumber to save myself from danger.

    My main drive for the venue mixed tapes is to bring Insomnia Radio to people that don’t have access to computers. Muahahahaha!!!!

  3. Tim IR Baltimore

    I thought I puked acid once, but it was only gin. It sure felt like acid at the time.

  4. LeoCain

    I have to say David was right, all you need to run a podcast is a passion for alcohol, and a microphone. I found some place I belong and don’t have to drive after.

  5. Dan

    Fuck yeah Leo!This is one of those things that I scratch my head and say “Why the fuck didnt I think of that?”!

  6. Molly

    Brilliant! I’m with Dan, except I’d say why hasn’t ANYONE thought of this before?

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