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A Thank You to Google

by on Jul.08, 2007, under Articles, Geek Out

We at the TLP would like to thank Google for buying the internet.

Seriously, just search for the term “google buys“.

In brief, the Google Apps/Tool we use (for now) are:

  • Web Search
  • gMail
  • gTalk
  • Calendar
  • Documents & Spreadsheets
  • Maps
  • Analytics
  • Feedburner

Starting at the top, who doesn’t use google to search for things? The name has become a generic term for “search the web”. Google it!

Gmail has been a great way for us to keep up with emails, easily accessible, searchable, and taggable(?). Also, in the way we are using it for the TLP show, Leo and I share the main account, and just Label (or tag) emails for each other to read, and to keep track of what we have coming in.

Tied into the gmail is gtalk, their instant messaging client. It is a convenient way for us to coordinate and discuss things without having to pick up the phone.

As a true Geek Out aside, gTalk is based on the Jabber protocol, and we typically just use our instant message clients to handle all IM’s (AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, YIM). Currenty we use Kopete and Pidgin.

Google Calendar is another tool which is very important to us. By sharing calendars with each other, we can coordinate recording/editing sessions, interviews, and events. We try to be as organized as possible, and this lets us also forecast when episodes will be released, and which episodes go when. Teaser: We already have Episodes 1 – 8 plotted, planned, and mostly recorded.

Documents & Spreadsheets: We would be lost without the ability to cooperatively work on documents. This is where we start our show notes, keep track of our artist submissions, and any other documentation related to The TLP. Additionally, we both have the show notes open while recording our episodes to keep track of what we want to talk about, who we are playing, and if we talk about anything that has a web link we add it there.

Maps: How we find those new venues, and where obscure places like Maysville, KY are.

Google Analytics is one of those unseen tools that you don’t know is there, but is really useful in finding out how many people come visit the website, what pages are most popular, and what countries you all are coming from.

Feedburner is a recent google acquisition that gives interesting statistics on how many subscribers we have. Also, if you visit the feed directly, it tells you how to subscribe with various online feed readers. (Google Reader is just such a reader, though neither of us use that…yet)

And that about wraps up what we are using right now. Google “just” bought up GrandCentral which is an interesting service to manage phone numbers and your voice mails. We might use that in the future. But that is another topic for another day.

2 comments for this entry:
  1. Jill

    Gmail: when used by 2 people you have the ability to make the recipient go “huh, who the hell was that anyway?”

    Doc’s and Spreadsheet: This is where we keep the good plotting and organization. Like really large spreadsheets that have the power to make others in the IR family drool.

    Maps: Also used in case you temporarily wonder if Kansas is where you left it (in relation to obscure places like Maysville, KY.) Turns out it hasn’t moved.

    Google Reader: Place to get all the goods in IR Superfeed. 🙂

  2. David

    Jill: Maps are also good when people like Chance tell you at a club that he is the Number 2 track in all of Qatar, and you need a quick geography lesson.

    Superfeed? Where is the superfeed? I haven’t seen such a think in a long while…well I suppose except for on The TLP site.

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