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  1. LeoCain

    I-spy Miguel. Your turn:

  2. Tim IR Baltimore

    OK, I-spy a blurry schematic of all the shows currently recorded, including the mini-TLPs, in a flow-chart format…with Miguel as the nucleus that all things TLP revolve around….maybe?

  3. David

    Tim: Interesting theory…however, what sense does it make to flowchart episodes currently recorded?

    It is an interesting idea, but we actually are a bit more organized than that.

  4. irsocal

    The many moods of Miguel, or quite possibly destinations in his future.

  5. Jay

    It’s the center of the Indy Music universe that David and Leo are striving for. One in which all roads lead to the TLP…

  6. Tim IR Baltimore

    “Tim: Interesting theory…however, what sense does it make to flowchart episodes currently recorded?”

    David: Perhaps it was a flow chart that was created prior to recording of the episodes…but anyway…

    New Theory: Ok, I don’t have a new theory, but I am confident that the future is much clearer than that photo.

  7. Jill

    That’s the flow chart for Miguel’s world domination.

  8. LeoCain

    Tim… At midnight when the Soco is just right, and the lime is sweet the whole chart becomes clear.

    Jill… I sure hope Miguel becomes as large as the world, that will make him easier to track. I’m tripling the bounty on the wanted poster.

    Charles… I can’t figure out how to play your mixed tape since I don’t have a cassette player. Why do we call these things tapes?

    David… I-Spy Brutual Backhand coming in August presenting the Heaviest New Music You’ve Never Heard.

  9. irsocal

    Nostalgic reasons I guess. Perhaps the master can give a more detailed reason:

  10. The Insomniac

    @ IRSOCAL: I really truly promise that killyourfm site will not die. I haven’t heard from the developer in awhile – just waiting on him!

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