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Rock that Banjo!

by on Jun.29, 2007, under Miguel Sighting

An intimate show in Tzfat with Banjo Billy.

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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Fame

by on Jun.28, 2007, under Articles, Sharing the Hate


How to become Famous in less than 2 weeks….

I submit for your approval a signed underground band that embraced a model and became mainstream overnight. Note: I did not say famous, I said mainstream, big difference. Where are they now? They are underground again, but still famous.

Have you ever wondered why they only had one radio single? Have you ever wondered how that song did not sound like anything they have written? Simple, their label wanted them to be on the radio to promote their upcoming US tour. Their only tour people remember in an almost 15 year-long career.

The song is a perfect model for what belongs on the radio: (continue reading…)

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Another Mysterious sighting

by on Jun.27, 2007, under Miguel Sighting

Relaxing out on the Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire, Stuart from IR: UK & IR:EU sends in this message:

Look who showed up (a little late) for the Summer Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge.

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Super Sneak Preview #2

by on Jun.26, 2007, under Geek Out


One week to go until Episode 01 comes out. And so you know we aren’t slacking off, here is a special sneak peak at Episode 2.

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Descendant or Time Traveler?

by on Jun.25, 2007, under Miguel Sighting

Many thanks to Charles at IR:SoCal for digging through some old newspaper clippings to find this photo of Orson Welles.

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Majestic Sunset

by on Jun.22, 2007, under Miguel Sighting

Veering a little off course, intrepid traveler Charles of IR:SoCal fame, lands himself island of Rapa Nui ((More commonly known as Easter Island)) . Capturing this beautiful sunset through the mysterious sculptures.

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Sharing the Hate, Spreading the Pain: On Being Used

by on Jun.21, 2007, under Articles, Sharing the Hate

It must be the summer season. Why you ask? I mean, five independent bands in four cities have already approached me in the past two weeks and bragged that they get to open for Livelalawarpfestmess.

When band number 6 comes around, I’m going to have Wolf or Norman throw them through a concrete wall. If I am lucky, this toss happens before their set. That way I won’t have to suffer through it. The sound guy will thank me later. Trust me, he always does when I throw a band through a concrete wall.

Are you trying to impress me with your skill at gathering votes? Do 30,000 votes mean shit to me when only 30 people show up to see you play live? I can write a computer program to get you 20 million votes if you want. I know, I’ve done it before.

Guess what? You’ll probably still come in second. True story.

Do 30,000 votes mean you know how to play your instruments on stage? Do 30,000 votes mean you have a stage show, or a panel of music judges and A&R reps watched you play and chose you? Hell, have you even met 30,000 people in your life? Have you met an A&R rep or scout in your life? Nope, then what does that tell me? (continue reading…)

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Miguel in Costa Rica??

by on Jun.20, 2007, under Miguel Sighting

Field agent Danielle at the La Selva Biological station in Costa Rica has sent in this image of Dendrobates auratus ((Green Poison Dart Frog)), though a surreptitious shadow seems to have interrupted the shot.

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Wanted: Any Clues to Miguel’s Location

by on Jun.18, 2007, under Miguel Sighting, Participate

You can help capture this fugitive co-host!

Read Miguel’s Bio for our current intel on this elusive character, and how you can help us find him.

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